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A few of our state and local government customers, including system objectives.

City and County of Denver, CO
System Objectives:
  • Agencies will use the system to research and select grants and initiate the pre-award process workflow
  • The solution should be integrated with PeopleSoft/Workday to allow transfer of award information into the agency’s budget and track spending
  • Improve compliance with Fiscal Accountability Rule (FAR) 9.1 to 90%. Maximize grant funding with more effective and user-friendly grant research tools
  • Better manage the entire grant process from research to post award functions and monitoring via automations and enhanced management reporting (e.g. win rates, grants by agency, grants by funder, etc.)
State of Arizona
System Objectives: 
  • Provide a statewide grant management system
  • Centralize grant activities among the state's 55+ agencies, departments, boards and commissions
  • Integrate eCivis Grants Network with the State’s ERP system AFIS (CGI Advantage)
  • Set automated workflows and approval management
  • Provide a state grants portal for grantees
  • Create and manage grant solicitations
  • Support Single Point of Contact (SPOC) efforts
State of Maryland
System Objectives: The objectives of the system were to manage grant acquisition and pre-award reporting. The system would assist the Governor's Grant office (GGO) find, apply for, and track available grant opportunities, and track pre-award activities, pursuant to the criteria outlined below:
  • Provide a system that is maintained by a full-time research staff employed by provider, which is focused on finding, analyzing, and publishing highly relevant grants for government
  • Provide a system that track at least 16,000 federal, state, and foundation grant programs each year for state and local government clients
  • Provide a system that incorporates pre-award reporting features to help government agencies track their pre-award activity to improve outcomes and performance
  • Provide a system that provides training for all users in both hard-copy and video
Harris County, TX
System Objectives: The objectives of the system were to improve comprehensive grant reporting by the County, track the County’s success rate in obtaining grants, identify grants available to fund projects, track expenses on a grant and department level basis, monitor grant deadlines and deliverables, and establish an audit trail for all grant activities. The grants management system was also required to perform the following key tasks:
  • Search and allow access/submission to all available governmental and private foundation grants (updated frequently)
  • Allow access to a database of previously accepted grants submissions for review purposes
  • Ability to track in detail the actual costs expended compared to the grant budget for an unlimited number of grants (or at a minimum 750 open grants at a time)
  • Ability to track expenditures vs. time remaining on grant(s)
  • Ability to integrate reimbursement, expense, budget, and performance metric data from one, or many, sources to the grant software
Georgia Department of Labor
System Objectives: 
  • Provide enterprise level post-award management capabilities to reduce administrative burden
  • Set automated workflows and approval management to improve compliance
  • Integrate financial transaction data from State’s ERP system PeopleSoft
  • Combine programmatic and financial transaction data in a single system for improved reporting
City of Miami, FL
System Objectives: The City of Miami wanted a system to manage its pre-award and post-award activities in one place. They specifically wanted a grant management system to help drive the following:
  • Local grants and funding
  • Solicit grant applications or track pass-through funding to sub-recipients, in order to monitor the outcomes of grant applicants and awardees
  • Centralize all grants management processes through a single system, to allow tracking and reporting on all grants management requirements
  • Manage performance outcomes easily, and be able to view available funding balances and share outcomes through a standard or custom reports
  • Track the history of completed tasks real-time
  • Assign recurring or nonrecurring tasks to individuals, groups or Citywide
  • Send grant funding opportunities to other City department users, apply for grant funding with other departments, and allocate the award as needed
  • Minimize data entry and improve usability through simple integrations to the City departments’ most widely used systems
  • Improve compliance by mapping internal policy and procedures to task and approval workflows
  • Interface with City’s Oracle system with minimal Information Technology support
City of Detroit, MI
System Objectives: Detroit needed a Web-based grants management solution (GMS) that would support improved, compliant accounting practices and enable accurate, timely reporting. The system requirements included an intuitive user interface, support grants management best practices, utilize current technology, enable expedited implementation, and integrate with the city’s current and future financial systems.

Improving the City’s ability to manage its grants will help restore its financial stability and enable the City to raise and expend grant revenue in support of its strategic vision to propel Detroit forward. In addition to markedly improving compliance, accounting, and reporting, services to the citizens of Detroit should improve, which will help restore confidence in local government.

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