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Indirect Cost Q&A

An expert panel representing federal, state and local government takes on the topic of indirect costs under the Uniform Guidance. These 6 videos address the most commonly asked questions about indirect costs. 

The 10% De Minimis (3:35)How To Negotiate Your Indirect Cost (4:19)Time Keeping (4:49)How Aligned Are Federal And State? (3:34)What Happens If You Get It Wrong? (7:40)Best Practices To Keep In Mind (2:44)The Q&A was hosted by the City of Denver, CO on September 20, 2016.

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Expert Panel

Panelists: Gil Tran (EOP/OMB), Mak Karim (HHS-CAS), Janet Turner (HHS-CAS), Deborah Moberly, (Dept. of Interior – IBC), Steve Markovetz (CO DoT), Sarah Grazier (CO DoLA), and Nicky Lettini (CostTree).

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