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Grant Management For States And State Agencies

90% of the the $600+ billion in federal grant funding will flow through state governments. Grant funding plays a vital role in the delivery of services to residents within each state. eCivis helps state agencies improve grant acquisition and management activities. Our capabilities include managing access to comprehensive grant funding sources, including federal agencies and private foundations; reducing the workload associated with grant acquisition and grant management; improving information sharing among state agencies, including state budget and general accounting offices; improving collaboration with local government and community organizations within the state; and eliminating high IT costs and driving software adoption. Here are what state agencies have looked for in grant management systems.

Georgia Department of Labor

System Objectives: Improve post-award management and reporting


  • Provide enterprise level post-award management capabilities to reduce administrative burden
  • Set automated workflows and approval management to improve compliance
  • Integrate financial transaction data from State’s ERP system PeopleSoft
  • Combine programmatic and financial transaction data in a single system for improved reporting

State of Arizona

System Objectives: Improve grant acquisition, pre-award management and grant portal


  • Provide a statewide grant management system
  • Centralize grant activities among the state's 70+ departments
  • Integrate eCivis Grants Network with the State’s ERP system AFIS (CGI Advantage)
  • Set automated workflows and approval management
  • Provide a state grants portal for grantees
  • Create and manage grant solicitations
  • Support Single Point of Contact (SPOC) efforts

State of Maryland

System Objectives: Improve grant acquisition and pre-award management


  • Provide a system that is maintained by a full-time research staff employed by provider, which is focused on finding, analyzing, and publishing highly relevant grants for government;
  • Provide a system that track at least 16,000 federal, state, and foundation grant programs each year for state and local government clients;
  • Provide a system that incorporates pre-award reporting features to help government agencies track their pre-award activity to improve outcomes and performance;
  • Provide a system that provides training for all users in both hard-copy and video.

Key Benefits 

  • Dedicated implementation team and ongoing professional support
  • Fully integrated pre-award and post-award management system
  • Automated workflows and approval management
  • Collaboration and information-sharing tools
  • Powerful dashboards and reporting
  • Integration with financial systems
  • Project performance management
  • Access to largest database of grants in the nation (16,000+)
  • Powerful grant acquisition features to reduce time spent by as much as 90%
  • Grant application workspace with grant budget management
  • Risk assessment and audit resources
  • Subrecipient monitoring and support tools
  • NOFA builder and grant solicitation portal
  • Expert resources and training, including 2 CFR 200 (Uniform Guidance) tools integrated into the grants lifecycle
  • Configurable user permissions
  • Unlimited file storage


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