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Simplify Budgeting, Tracking, Negotiating Indirect Costs

Boost revenue opportunities by re-negotiating your indirect cost rate and determining the true cost of your services with eCivis' Indirect Cost Planning services.



Improve The Way You Budget and Recover More Revenue


eCivis' Indirect Cost Planning services are supplied by indirect cost experts who help you determine the true cost of services, budget more accurately, and make the most of grant funding.


Our team works with your staff to negotiate a new indirect cost rate to apply to your grants and develop a standardized methodology for capturing expenditure data. We also help train your teams, so they know how to apply your indirect cost rate to maximize funding.

Here's What Allocate™ Can Help You Accomplish:

Prepare Your Cost Allocation Plans

Provide a clear and concise methodology to assist in developing budgets and planning program delivery. Eliminate the worry of audit findings by producing 2 CFR 200 compliant cost plans on demand.

Preview of eCivis' Allocate cost allocation software

Negotiate Your NICRA

Others leave you with your own negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA) to figure out on your own. Not eCivis! Instead, we help you calculate an indirect cost rate and determine how to apply it to your grants for recovery on reimbursements, user fees, and more.

Preview of eCivis' cost allocation Software Allocate collaboration project dashboard

Capture More Revenue

Identify opportunities where you can apply your negotiated indirect cost rate on past funding opportunities (as far as 2 years back) to stretch every grant dollar available to you.

eCivis Allocate cost allocation software project dashboard

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Nueces County Seal
"After Hurricane Harvey devastatingly struck our community in 2017, Nueces County identified a major gap in calculating indirect costs. Nueces County is excited to be leading the charge in working with eCivis to not only develop a great cost allocation plan but to recover funds that would otherwise have been unrecoverable. This is vital to our disaster recovery process. We appreciate eCivis and its staff for working with Nueces County, and we are optimistic about this new venture."
Judge Barbara Canales

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