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Simplify Managing, Calculating, Tracking Indirect Costs

Get more from your grant funding by developing and tracking your budgets and indirect costs through eCivis' cost allocation software, Allocate™.


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Track Financial Data in One Place

Allocate™ is cost allocation software that allows you to develop and track budgets and indirect costs automatically.

Quickly import your cost data and Excel spreadsheets all into one system. Calculate your indirect cost rate on-demand and eliminate the hassle and high cost of outsourcing this service to produce only a single plan once a year.

Here's What Allocate™ Can Help You Accomplish:

Spread Costs Accurately

Capture your true costs of services and allocate your costs at the level that works best for your agency, department, or division. 


backend of eCivis cost allocation software- allocate

Access Unlimited Cost Plans

Track and compare your expenditures and allocation basis by fiscal year. Create an unlimited number of cost plans to run scenarios and project costs rather than outsourcing it to an expensive vendor who only produces one cost plan.

backend of eCivis cost allocation software to create cost plans

Increase Revenue & Collaboration

By calculating an indirect cost rate on-demand, you can use it to negotiate for a better return on your grant funding. Keep track of all your agency's indirect costs in one place, accessible at any time to anyone on your team through the cloud.

backend of eCivis cost allocation software to help you keep track of organization costs