Full Lifecycle Management

Grant Management Solution

What if all the things you do to manage a grant were in one system?

eCivis Grants Network¬© provides you with the ability to manage the entire grant process from sourcing grant opportunities to closeout. Perhaps you are one of the many grant recipients that are still managing your grant portfolio on spreadsheets. Or maybe you've purchased a grants management system that is duplicating efforts or doesn't work. eCivis can help you simplify your process, spend down your funds and manage the performance of your grant funded initiatives. By connecting with your financial system, eCivis combines your pre-award and post-award grant processes to effectively and efficiently drive performance and reduce administrative burden.

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Transparency & Reporting

 Real-time access to all your projects and grants by department
Org Grant Funding Dashboard
Standard reports such as competitive vs. non-competitive grant awards
Grant Reports

Performance Management

Set up and track your goals and performance metrics
Grant Goal and Metrics
Set up and track your grant budget performance
Grant Budget Management

Expert Resources

Access to resources that will improve performance and compliance
Federal Grant Handbooks


  • All pre-award, grant sourcing activities (see grant acquisition page
  • Track and report all of your projects (total awards)
  • Track and report on your goal and objectives for each project
  • Build and save template reports for internal and external reporting
  • Build workflows to automate approvals and periodic reviews
  • Email reports to others and track activity
  • Setup required tasks at various post-award stages
  • Integrate your project tasks with your email calendar
  • Track and report on grant expenditures
  • Collaborate with your project team on performance reports
  • Save all your files in one place
  • Track and report on budget-to-actual by grant
  • Manage the communication and approval of budget amendments
  • Track and report all post-award grant activity by dept, project, CDFA, etc.
  • Track and report on past due and completed tasks
  • Track and report on multiple funding sources (federal, state, foundation)
  • Import financial transactions from your financial system (integration services required)
  • Digital CFR Title 2 Grants and Agreements
  • Templates and tools library
  • Basic and advanced grant training

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