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Information sharing and collaboration must change if you want to improve performance.

eCivis Grants Network¬© provides funders, applicants and subrecipients with the opportunity to interact with each other in a modern and scaleable platform. Today's grant portals are not built to make the experience great for the funder AND the applicant. Systems today don't track history and organize reimbursement requests and payments. They provide little transparency into historical activities of an applicant and subrecipient across all of your departments and agencies. If your goal is to reduce risk, improve information sharing and increase performance, then let us help you address this problem in a better way.


With eCivis, we are not spending money on wasteful processes anymore. We are spending money on delivering services much quicker and more efficiently to the people that need them the most.


City of Denver, Colorado

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Applicant Grant Portal

Centralize and streamline the application intake, evaluation and grant award process.
Applicant Portal

Subrecipient Grant Portal

Centralize and streamline the communication, reporting and reimbursement requests with all of your subreceipients.

Subrecipient Portal

 See all the ways we can transform and simplify your process.
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My experience with eCivis started in 2005 when I was with the City of Raleigh, North Carolina...I've worked with the eCivis product for nearly 10 years, and I'm proud to say that they've never failed me.


Town of Mooresville, North Carolina

Key Features

  • Create and track grant solicitation
  • Score and record decisions on applicants
  • Check DUNS and EIN data
  • Check the Federal Audit Clearing House
  • Track applicant history
  • Share your goal and objectives for each grant and monitor progress
  • Share metrics to track performance for each goal or objective
  • Create workflows and task reminders for your sub-recipients
  • Create and track reimbursement requests
  • Collaborate with your internal and external stakeholders
  • Save all your files in one place
  • Access Uniform Guidance reference tools
  • Manage the communication and approval of grant activities
  • Track all pre-award grant activity by dept, project, CFDA, etc.
  • Track all grants that are being considered and have been applied for
  • Allocate and track multiple funding sources
  • Import application and award date from financial system (integration services required)

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