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Finding, analyzing and applying for a grant can be simple when you have the right tools.

eCivis Grants Network¬© provides you with the ability to manage the entire planning and grant pursuance process.  We integrate each step from project creation to grant award so you can eliminate the numerous steps and systems required to secure the right funding for your projects.


eCivis makes my job easier, the system is easy to navigate and the amount of information is remarkable!


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Professionally Curated Grant Research

Having access to more grants is important, but it also requires a heavy investment of time. At eCivis, we employ a full-time professional research staff to identify, analyze and summarize 16,000+ grants each year so you don't have to.
Search For Grants with Hover Over Feature
eCivis will help you determine the eligibility & financial requirements of a grant in minutes, not hours. Our research staff summarizes critical data and organizes it in standard tabs to help you efficiently and effectively identify the most relevant grants.
Grnat Eligibility

Planning, Budgeting and Proposal Development

Quickly access funder contact information, review application files and email grants to internal and external stakeholders. If you need to review a grant opportunity later, simply save and/or assign a grant to a project.
Grant contact and files
Develop and store your grant budget and proposal narrative in a single centralized work space. Save files, edit content and share information for every grant in every stage.
Grant budget narrative

2 CFR 200 Compliance Tools

Access tools to help you apply for federal, state and private grants. Do you know if your proposal and costs align with federal and non-federal guidelines? eCivis provides a set of digital tools to help you successfully develop an application that funders can fund.
Uniform Grant Guidance Help
See all the ways we can transform and simplify your process.
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eCivis has increased my job efficiency by 100%...l highly recommend eCivis.


Polk County, Florida

Key Features

  • Create and track projects you need funded
  • Create and track your goal and objectives for each project
  • Assign metrics to track performance for each goal or objective
  • Search relevant grant opportunities (16,000+ federal, state and foundation grants)
  • Over 1,000 examples of previously funded applications
  • Professional analysis of funding opportunities
  • Email grant opportunities to others and track activity
  • Assign grants to projects you setup in the system
  • Create approval workflows to approve grant pursuance
  • Create required and reminder tasks
  • Build your narrative and grant budget
  • Collaborate with your project team on an application
  • Save all your files in one place
  • Access Uniform Guidance reference tools
  • Manage the communication and approval of grant awards
  • Track your win rate by project, department and organization
  • Track all pre-award grant activity by dept, project, CFDA, etc.
  • Track all grants that are being considered and have been applied for
  • Allocate and track multiple funding sources
  • Push application and award date to your financial system (integration services required)

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