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How States Can Partner With Local Government to Distribute Relief Funding


State and local governments are receiving the largest amount of grant funding yet that will be channeled to communities, small businesses, and individual citizens. In fact, for the very first time, as much as $60.1 billion will be distributed to cities using a modified Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program formula. However, to ensure this funding actually has the desired impact in communities, multiple stakeholders must work together, especially when it comes to the timely distribution and management of those funds.

eCivis CDBG Funding Guide

To help governments prepare for their CDBG funding, eCivis has put together this guide that will review the key players when it comes to working together to receive, distribute, and manage CDBG funding.

By reading this guide, you'll learn:

  • Key players in the CDBG ecosystem
  • Key pain points when it comes to managing CDBG funding
  • 3 steps to prepare for managing and distributing relief funding

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