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Here are some helpful resources to help you through your procurement process. 

1. What You Can Expect

Proving ROI is a critical step in any purchasing process. Why spend time or money on a system that's unproven? eCivis has helped thousands of state, local and tribal governments increase funding, improve performance and reduce the costs associated with grants. We understand that any investment of time and money needs a clear return to justify the investment to decision makers and your community. Here's what you can expect to see:

  • 10% average increase in grant awards
  • 48% average increase in grant-funded projects
  • 18% average decrease in administrative costs

Read how to achieve these results by downloading our definitive grant strategy guide:

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2. Case Studies With ROI

The risk associated with any purchase is high when you do not know what to expect. We have a long track record of success and results to help alleviate risk. Here are a few examples of the impact we've helped make on the communities our clients serve.


City of Norfolk, Virginia  

204% Increase In Grant Awards

Learn how Norfolk more than doubled their grant awards, spent less time searching for grant opportunities, and successfully secured funding.

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City of San Antonio, Texas

50% More Time To Apply

Learn how San Antonio reduced time spent on grant research, and increased collaboration to win more grant funds.

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Sonoma County, California

Public-Private Partnerships

Learn how Sonoma County developed a strategy to help pursue grants with their community organizations, and reduced the burden on general funds.

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If you're purchasing our grant management system, you can reference all our case studies, testimonials and funded projects at your next meeting. 

3. Recent Contract Awards

eCivis provides a unique combination of fully integrated solutions that have been purchased through sole source and competitive bid. Here is a list of some recent awards. Contact us if you need more information, including references.

City of Birmingham, AL

The city completed a purchase of eCivis in 2016.

City & County of Denver, CO 

eCivis was awarded a contract in 2016.

Chickasaw Nation, OK

eCivis was awarded a contract in 2016.

City of Miami, FL

The city completed a sole source purchase in late 2015.

New York Department of Education

eCivis was awarded a contract in late 2015.

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