eCivis offers professional consulting, strategic grant writing and expert training services to help effectively pursue grants, stay compliant and deliver your program outcomes.





Expert consulting, strategic grant writing & training

The reality is that smart people are often asked to figure it [grants] out. It's an impossible task given the workload and budget constraints that government agencies face while needing to keep up with changes in federal grant policy and compliance. Increasing grant revenue and reducing audit findings has never been more difficult. eCivis offers consulting, grant writing and training services to help effectively pursue grants, stay compliant and deliver your program outcomes. 


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Change management & training

Change management

Change management planning refers to visualizing and preparing to drive organizational and structural change throughout the enterprise. A focused change management plan is necessary to help government departments and stakeholders understand the future-looking roles and responsibilities, why this approach is in place, and what has to happen to make it possible. This will also help to facilitate the groundwork for essential changes in long term behavior that have resulted in many of the potentially ineffective grants processes that have been in practice.

Training services

eCivis provides training across the country to improve planning, acquisition and effective management of federal and non-federal grants. From regional trainings about best practice to national trainings about the Uniform Guidance, eCivis is committed to addressing the training gap that exist today for grant professionals in state, local and tribal government. Contact us today if you would like to bring expert training to your state or region.


69% of people that manage grants are not trained.

Strategic grant writing services

We understand that departments and agencies often need expert support when pursuing grants. eCivis can provide consultants and support staff to help you manage your immediate requirements with a goal of helping you develop these capabilities internally. Learn more about our strategic grant development and grant writing support service below.

Strategic grant development and grant writing services

Successfully pursuing grant funding year after year requires proactive preparation, strategic alignment and budgeted resources. Yet, many organizations find themselves reacting to meet grant deadlines, pursuing grants without a clear understanding of what is required to be successful or avoiding grants altogether because they lack the necessary resources to compete effectively. Competitive grants are time sensitive and require immediate attention whereas procurement processes and internal resources take time to be approved. This often creates tension between the desire to go after alternative funding sources and/or the ability to effectively pursue them.

Strategic Grant Development & Grant Writing Services.

With eCivis Strategic Grant Development and Grant Writing Service, our grants team will help you develop a comprehensive, long-term approach to grants that doesn’t just solve a single grant need, but establishes a comprehensive solution that will lead to sustainable grant successes. As part of this comprehensive solution, our grants team will help you:

Thoroughly understand key initiatives and projects in your organization eligible for grant funding.
Research grants that align to these initiatives and organizational priorities to fill existing gaps.
Assess organizational capacity to apply for grants successfully and calendar key grants to be applied for over the next 2-3 year.
Align internal procurement processes and resources to pursue grant opportunities in a more efficient and effective way.
Review and edit grant applications prepared by your organization.
Draft grant proposals and provide strategic advice and consulting services to shape a priority project in accordance with the priorities articulated in the grant funding notice.

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