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Grant Management Systems Are Not All the Same

State, local and tribal governments manage their own grant awards AND also act as a pass-through entity for grants awarded to their subrecipients. This requires a comprehensive grant management system designed to meet this unique requirement. If you're a grant professional in state, local or tribal government, here are some of the needs eCivis can help you modernize.  

Grant Research & Pursuance

"I need a grant research tool to help me find, route and track grant opportunities across my entire organization"

"I need a system to track projects that need funding and simplifies reporting"

"I need a system to help me collaborate on grant applications and develop proposals"

"I need a system to create and develop grant budgets to include in my proposal"

"I need a system to identify matching costs, and calculate direct and indirect costs"

"I need a system to help me track who is pursuing grants throughout my organization so we don't compete "

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Grant Management & Reporting

"I need a system to track and report on my project performance and notify me of key due dates and milestones"

"I need a system to track my expenditures against my grant budget to ensure I spend down funds properly"

"I need a system to store all my files and information to simplify access and prepare for audits"

"I need a system to manage tasks and approvals to establish strong internal controls and organization-wide transparency"

"I need a system to automate reporting for internal and external stakeholders"

"I need a system that can connect and share/exchange grant information with my ERP or financial system/general ledger.

"I need a system to streamline 2 CFR 200 compliance"

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Competitive Bid & Subrecipient Management

"I need a system to create grant notice/announcement that I can solicit publicly or privately"

"I need a system to help manage grant applications and applicant communications"

"I need a system that allows me to score applications with internal and/or external teams"

"I need a system to help me perform risk assessments"

"I need a system that tracks my pass-through grant funds and simplifies reporting"

"I need a system to push down reporting requirements to subrecipients"

"I need a centralized system to communicate and monitor my subrecipients, including streamlining reporting"

"I need a system that allows me to simplify and streamline reimbursement requests"

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Cost Allocation & Indirect Cost Management

"I need a system that modernizes my cost allocation process and/or reduces the overall cost of outsourcing this function to consultants"

"I need a system to help me perform indirect cost calculations to better understand the total cost of each grant project"

"I need a system to store the indirect cost rates of each subrecipient and approved rate agreements"

" I need a system that can determine full, defensible, indirect costs to include in ICRPs, hour rates, user fees, and SB90 claims"

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