eCivis Pricing

Avoid expensive custom software that will not grow with your changing needs. Pricing for our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is predictable and transparent. 

Our smallest contracts start at $5,200 annually. Our average contracts range from $38,000 to $74,000 annually. Our largest contracts exceed $450,000 annually. These contracts are largely for state and large local governments that require enterprise support and full lifecycle grant management as a direct recipient and pass-through, including management of subrecipients. Online training and dedicated support is included in our price. There are no hidden fees.

Data Integration Services

Data integration allows you to push or pull grant data to/from your ERP or financial system. This provides a complete picture of program and financial data for each grant project across your entire organization and dramatically reduces time spent on reporting and information sharing. More importantly, it eliminates the need for costly custom solutions and grant modules that can cost millions of dollars in investment.

Pricing starts at $7,500 to $49,500 for a standard integration. Standard integration transfers data securely through an API or flat file transfer. The data set is pre-defined and covers standard grant data (e.g. grant ID, dates, amounts, etc.). 

Custom integration requires a consultation to accurately calculate scope and service cost.

Why SaaS?

  1. SaaS grant management solutions are easier to deploy
    • Traditional on-premise software can take months to deploy due to:
      1. Hardware/OS/Middleware procurement and provisioning
      2. Software complexity
      3. Costly and time-consuming programming services
      4. Customization work required to get up and running
    • In contrast, typically SaaS solutions are deployed in a matter of weeks
  2. Hosted grant management deployments also lead to faster implementations by avoiding 3 common on-site deployment roadblocks
    • Capital procurement delays
    • Software deployment approval delays (often pending IT support training)
    • Delays in granting consultants access needed to configure solutions
  3. SaaS grant management solutions are easier to administer and support
    • SaaS solutions are designed to allow administrators to configure advanced functionality on the fly as needs grow and mature (i.e., there is no need for professional services intervention)
    • Maintenance, upgrades, and system administration take place in the cloud, and typically occur frequently and automatically‚ÄĒeliminating dependency on over-burdened IT departments
  4. SaaS grant management solutions are easier to afford and finance and can reduce cost of ownership as much as 50%
    • No hardware to buy and install
    • Minimal internal IT intervention up front
    • No network or server-level admin involvement to manage ongoing operations
    • Minimal or no customization consulting and programming expenses
    • Energy savings by eliminating on-premise hardware
  5. SaaS also offers predictable annual or subscription-based pricing
    • Simplify budgeting and forecasting
    • Eliminate need to make capital investments in software accelerating ROI and TTV
    • Get started with a small investment and pay only for what is needed
    • Expand and scale incrementally as you grow (eliminate peak provisioning)
  6. Finally, SaaS vendors relentlessly pursue customer satisfaction since the recurring revenue depends on periodic renewals

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