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Resources to help you understand and solve your greatest grant management challenges.

Evidence-Based Practices for the Non-Expert

Evidence-based practices are increasingly important as grant makers want to support what works and burden of proof is on grant recipients to show how funds are being put to good use. This paper will help you understand the basics of evidence based practices.

7 Keys To Selecting A Grant Management System

 Selecting a grant management system can be difficult. What should you look for? If you want to learn about what other government organizations have looked for in their grant management systems read this paper.  

4 Keys To Detroit's Comeback

 Read how technology supported stabilization and growth in the City of Detroit, MI, following it's bankruptcy. This paper outlines the City's commitment to improve IT infrastructure and modernize systems to support its strategy. A cloud-based grant management system was part of this plan and from it, 4 key takeaways.

How To Keep Your Implementation From Failing

 If you've ever had a software implementation go wrong, you're not alone. 68% of implementations do not meet the business requirements of their original purpose. If you want your grant management system implementation to succeed read this paper.

Excelling Beyond The Spreadsheet


 Spreadsheets and email. This combination happens to be the number one grant management system in the country. It is also one of the main drivers behind administrative burden and poor performance. If you want to modernize your systems and improve performance read this paper.

Sustainable Software, Sustainable Government

 To maximize budget dollars, enhance delivery of citizen services, and improve workflows and employee productivity, the public sector is shifting from traditional technology models to innovative approaches such as converged infrastructures and centralized and shared resources and services.

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