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What is eCivis?

Since 2000, eCivis has provided grants management software to thousands of state, local, and tribal governments large and small. Our clients include, states and some of the largest cities and counties (by population) in the United States. We also support special-purpose districts; schools, school districts, colleges, and certain academic institutions that have similar needs to our government clients.

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What makes eCivis different?

Our Focus

We know what we're good at. Grants management is not the same across all industries and neither are the numerous grant management systems that serve these different industries. At eCivis, we focus on state, local and tribal governments. That's what we're very good at. See our customers.

Sole Source

We have a number of sole source features built into our platform, including professionally curated grant information, certified grant specialist support, deep ERP/GL integration experience, and the only SaaS cost allocation software on the market. We also partner with some of the leading providers of grant technology and content in the country. Learn about our solutions.

Professional Grant Research

We employ full-time professional research staff that distills complicated grants information into easy-to-understand and standardized modules so users can readily find and process grant information. Our standard level of service for all our products includes the following:

  • Professional grant analysis– Grant summary, financial information, eligibility data, contact information and associated files all in one location.
  • Hover-over grant summary feature– See a summary when you place your cursor over a grant in the search results.
  • Ability to save grants and/or search criteria– Save grants you are considering, or save the search criteria and have the application email you alerts automatically.
  • Cutting-edge search engine with suggested keywords– Incredibly fast and accurate search results with keyword suggestions.
  • Advanced search filters– Search by due date, funder type, grant type, etc.
  • Previously previewed grants – Grants you have already viewed are indentified so you don't review grants more than once.

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End-to-End Grant Management

We have deployed multiple end-to-end grant management systems in state and local government. Whether you need help as a recipient, pass-through, or subrecipient of Federal funds, we have the track record and expertise to make a positive impact fast. Learn more about our grant management system.

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What's the ROI on eCivis?

Return on investment (ROI) is one of our most commonly asked questions. There are several economic benefits that our clients have communicated to us in different areas, including:

  • Increased grant funding from various sources (federal, state, and private foundations)
  • Lower administrative and compliance costs to manage grants
  • Decrease in returned grant dollars from audit findings or disallowed costs
  • Improved reporting efficiency through powerful grants management tools
  • Less data entry — resulting from integrated data from financial systems - and increase capacity
  • Improved overall productivity for staff
  • Ability to better collaborate/coordinate funding for future projects and programs within the organization

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How much does eCivis cost?

Our cost is based on the number of users and types of services you select. We do not price based on population or revenue. Online training and dedicated support is included in that price.

Our contracts start at $5,200 and increase based on users and features. Our smallest contacts are for a small number of users (less than 3). Our largest contracts have thousands of users across dozens of departments. Many of our enterprise clients manage 1,000+ projects each year.

Prices have increased each year due to the number of new products we release so contact us to get an accurate price.



Do you assist organizations outside the U.S.?
No, we currently only serve organizations located in the United States and its territories.

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