About Us

Our Mission Is To Transform and Simplify The Grant Funding Process To Help Enrich The Communities Our Clients Serve. 


Most of our users have other jobs. Grants are not their primary responsibility. We understand that. Our goal is to help reduce the heavy workload associated with grants.


The grants process is complex because there are too many different ways of doing the same thing. Our goal is to standardize processes and data to drive better performance.


Too many systems today only serve to create more information silos. Our goal is to create a fully integrated grants management system that compliments your ERP and core back office systems.

Our Core Values

We believe in working with people that have these core values.

Us, Not Me

You align with our mission and vision, and exhibit a strong positive desire to give back and better the community for our teammates and our clients.

The Extra Mile

Beyond working hard or working smart, you demonstrate a willingness to do any job, great or small, to ensure the continued success of the company.

Version 2.0

You are coachable and driven to continually improve yourself and your role, and seek opportunities to create efficiencies and improve effectiveness of eCivis.


If you think you're a fit, check our careers page to see if there is an opening that matches your experience. We'd love to talk to you.

Thank you to our wonderful customers, partners and friends for a great 2016. We are looking forward to even better 2017!


Our Story

eCivis was started in 2000 with help from local government leaders at ICMA. From a focus group at the ICMA conference in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1999 a group of managers suggested eCivis help local governments by making sense of the grant funding process. We listened.

Over the years we've turned that suggestion into a community of thousands of governments that we are privileged to serve. As a trusted partner we help state, local and tribal governments enrich their communities through well run grant funded projects and programs.

Today, we continue the strong tradition of relying on government leaders and innovators to help us shape our product. We work with an exceptional Client Advisory Board and maintain strong partnerships with government associations and leaders.

We are a proud sponsor of the ICMA Harvard Kennedy School Executive Leadership Program scholarship. This is our way of saying thank you to the amazing local government leaders that serve their communities everyday.

Harvard Kennedy School Scholarship Video

We can help improve the grant process in your state, local or tribal government. Don't wait.

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