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Arizona is thrilled to deploy a true end-to-end grants management solution...this system dramatically reduces time spent on administrative compliance, agencies can focus their efforts on activities that will truly benefit the Arizona taxpayer.
The Results: 24% increase in federal grant revenues, cost savings of more than $500,000 per year, and 100% compliance with the state’s electronic records requirements. Matthew Hanson, Statewide Grant Administrator for the State of Arizona, shares how the state manages its $14.5+ billion in federal grants, and how his office and more than 55 state agencies, departments, boards and commissions work together to enrich the lives of the citizens of Arizona.

The Mission: The State of Arizona has implemented a statewide grant management system that centralizes all grant activities among the state's 55+ agencies, departments, boards and commissions. Arizona’s Office of Grants and Federal Resources (GFR) is the coordinating agency of the Arizona Department of Administration. GFR helps state agencies, local governments, and non-profit organizations, find, win and manage grants. GFR strives to be the premier resource of training and technical assistance for the Arizona grants community. GFR’s mission is to maximize the benefits of federal funding received and to increase the grants management capacity of the State of Arizona. To accomplish this mission GFR partnered with eCivis to provide the following system capabilities:

  • Integrate with the State’s ERP system AFIS (CGI Advantage)
  • Streamline and automate grant policy and improve compliance across the state
  • Provide a grant portal for the Arizona grantee community to access state grant information and improve reporting for recipients and subrecipients
  • Standardize the full grants lifecylce across the all state agencies, departments, boards and commissions
  • Support Single Point of Contact (SPOC) efforts
  • Reduce administrative burden and improve performance (financial and program)
The Work: In order to successfully deploy a comprehensive statewide grant management system, eCivis provided workflow automation and online document retention to streamline and standardize grant processes across the state, which includes multiple fund types and hundreds of grant programs with disparate requirements across its 55 agencies, departments, boards and commissions and boards. Implementation focused on moving data efficiently and effectively across all stages of the grant lifecycle (pre-award, award, post-award, closeout and audit) and required mapping of GFR’s policies into automated workflows to capture information, ensure effective data integration with the State’s ERP, and reduce overall administrative burden across all grant programs. Upcoming projects include incorporating innovative tools to comply with 2 CFR 200 and leveraging the latest strategies in data visualization and open data to improve risk management.

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