Detroit, Michigan
We took the best of the best in order to put together a process that could deal with the issues that Detroit had.
The Results: The deployment of eCivis helped to improve the City of Detroit's ability to manage its grants and support the City’s efforts to restore financial stability. The results have been remarkable. Detroit’s FY 2017 Single Audit results include zero questioned costs of federal grant awards for the second straight year vs. $7.3 million in FY 2012 and $18.5 million in FY 2013, and an 88% reduction in audit findings (12 in FY 2017 vs. 98 in FY 2012). In FY 2017, the City secured more than $202 million in grants and donations to support neighborhood revitalization and service improvements. Detroit has also had three consecutive years of balanced budget and operating surpluses (FY 2015 - 2017), and FY 2018 is expected to end with an operating surplus of approximately $36 million.

The Mission: In 2014, Detroit solicited a competitive bid under emergency management conditions to procure a web-based grants management solution (GMS) that would support improved, compliant accounting practices and enable accurate, timely reporting. The GMS requirements included an intuitive user interface, support of grants management best practices, enable expedited implementation, and integrate with the city’s current and future financial systems. Improving Detroit’s ability to manage its grants was important in its plans to help restore its financial stability and enable the City to raise and expend grant revenue in support of its strategic vision to recover and propel Detroit forward in the years following its bankruptcy. Finally, to improve services to the citizens of Detroit, the GMS would assist in finding and administering funding for key services to citizens and help restore confidence in the City.

The Work: In 2014, eCivis implemented a web-based enterprise grant management solution (GMS) which is administered by a citywide grant management unit (now fund development office). eCivis enabled the management of grants across the City for all grants and across all departments. eCivis supported improved compliant accounting practices through the automation of process and procedures. eCivis also enabled accurate, timely reporting to key stakeholders and provided a platform to centralize all grant-related information. Documentation is saved and accessible by City stakeholders, resulting in smoother, more efficient audit preparation. These improvements have led to sustainable performance across multiple fiscal years. eCivis continues to work with Detroit leadership to find ways to expand support of initiatives and improve fund development and management across the City.

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