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With eCivis, we are not spending money on wasteful processes anymore. We are spending money delivering services quicker and more efficiently to the people that need them the most.

The Results: Mayor Michael Hancock shares how more efficient and effective pursuit of Federal resources is helping Denver take their existing resources and do much more. Rather than spending money on wasteful processes, Denver invests its resources on delivering services faster to the people that need them the most. In a time of unprecedented growth in the City, Denver has improved transparency, reduced administrative burden on staff and streamlined process and procedures across the City.

The Mission: Denver solicited a competitive bid to procure a modern grants management solution (GMS) that would allow Denver's agencies to research and select grants and initiate Denver's pre-award process workflow. The GMS would also be required to integrate with PeopleSoft/Workday to allow transfer of award information into the agency’s budget module and track spending, improve compliance with Fiscal Accountability Rule (FAR) 9.1 to 90% and maximize grant funding with more effective and user-friendly grant research tools. Finally, the GMS would provide better management of the entire grant process from research to post-award functions and monitoring via automations and enhanced management reporting (e.g. win rates, grants by agency, grants by funder, etc.).

The Work: eCivis began implementation work with Denver's internal project team, its PeopleSoft/Workday teams, and Public Consulting Group in late 2016. Implementation was completed in less than 10 months and on budget. This included the setup of all grants and projects, workflows and approval tasks across Denver's enterprise. eCivis continues to work with Denver on new features and functionality to implement its evolving grant management strategy and practices. These practices have been adopted by many local governments across the country.

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