Anne Arundel County, Maryland


Too many different information management systems simply create information silos. We look forward using one solution to seek more opportunities for collaboration between departments as well as public private partnerships.

The Results: By upgrading its grants management system, Anne Arundel County expects to save more than $375,000 annually. Within weeks of starting implementation, the County was able to streamline its processes leading to a 57% reduction in forms and elimination of shadow systems. The County recently completed its implementation on time and on budget. Total implementation time was 12 weeks.

The Mission: Each year, Anne Arundel County’s departments and offices handle $47.8 million in operating and capital grants from federal, state, local and private sources. County employees handle grants management along with their other job duties. By standardizing and modernizing the process throughout county government, the County wanted to improve grant performance and improve the use of tax dollars. County leadership sought new technology to help:

  1. Increase the number of grants they have access to and can apply
  2. Increase dollar amount of grants they pursue and win
  3. Increase collaboration when seeking grants the County needs to serve its residents.
The Work: According to the Budget Office, approximately 80% of grants are from the same sources each year.  Automated strategic research will identify more grants by forecasting grant potential. eCivis assists County staff by offering users the ability to select strategically aligned grants to improve the quality of life for residents of Anne Arundel County. Once grants are identified the system reduces administrative burden by eliminating much of the heavy paper-laden workload associated with the grants process through automation, standardization and increased efficiency. eCivis provides access to real time data through a simple but robust database, a centralized repository of successful grants, and meaningful, customized reports to help the County make a greater impact and serve the needs of County residents.

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