Grant Management System

eCivis can help you maximize funding, manage your grants and subrecipients, and provide expert support along the way. eCivis is the #1 SaaS grant management system for state, local and tribal government. Explore eCivis today!

Grant Acquisition

Grant revenue is critical. About $1 trillion in grants are available annually. Learn how we've revolutionized this process to help applicants.

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Grant Management

Federal grant recipients must manage their awards efficiently and effectively. To accomplish this goal grant recipients need a better system.  

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Subrecipient Management

Management of grant applicants and subrecipients requires a better process. Learn how we are effectively solving this critical need.

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Expert Support

There is a growing need for better training, strategic planning & alignment, grant writing, and coaching. Find them all in one place.

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What we do

We help you make a greater impact by modernizing your grant process and helping you maximize your grant resources. Our grant management system will help you increase funding, reduce audit findings, and deliver the outcomes that you want. Since 2000, we've done that for thousands of public and nonprofit sector organizations. Watch as Mayor Michael Hancock shares how Denver is maximizing its grant resources. 

How we do it

For us, it's important that our clients feel like they have a real strategic partner. If you ask our clients what makes us different, they will tell you about the support we provide, and the impact they've made with the help of our grant management system. Our support does not end after implementation. It is an ongoing commitment to help our clients achieve more each year. Watch as Matthew Hanson shares how the State of Arizona maximizes its grant resources to enrich the lives of its citizens.


Why you should NOT choose us.

If you want custom built software. eCivis is a cloud-based grant management system that drives standardization. It's a commitment to standardization that helps our clients save millions of dollars each year. By taking advantage of Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solutions, like eCivis, you can spend less time and money on custom systems that increase complexity and automate poor processes. Instead you can put more of your time and money towards the purpose of each grant.

If there is no commitment to change. Spreadsheets and emails are the dominant grant system today. And why not? Most of us know how to use email and spreadsheets. Unfortunately, this combination is what drives poor transparency, administrative burden, and risk. The clients that achieve the greatest improvements are the ones that recognize that a change in tools will also require a change in the way things are done.
If you are a research institution, grant consultant, student or individual looking for grants. We work primarily with state, local and tribal governments, and their community-based organizations. We also help public sector organizations effectively manage grants as a recipient and/or pass-through entity.
If you want your grant management system to become your financial system. A grant management system (GMS) is not a financial system. Why would you want two financial systems anyways? That's expensive and will create more data silos, which is what's causing most of your reporting issues today. Our GMS will complement your financial system and help integrate your programmatic and financial data to simplify reporting for everyone.
If you only need a listing of grant opportunities. eCivis is not a listserve or directory. We read and analyze each federal and non-federal grant, and provide you a detailed and professional analysis of the information you need to be successful. That's how we save you 90% of the time it takes to research and find the right grant.
Lack of leadership support is a key reason that most grant management system implementations fail. Grant administrators without the support of leadership are at a disadvantage when attempting to drive needed change across an organization. If you are a grant administrator that needs to justify modernizing your grant management system, give us a call. We can work with you to develop a strong case. Call us at (877) 232-4847, option 1.

A Partner You Can Trust

eCivis is more than a technology company. We are a full service grant management solution. Our goal is to help you maximize the impact of grant funded programs in your communities. 

If you're considering eCivis or want more information contact us today.

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