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Testimonials and Funded Projects


TESTIMONIAL: City of Atlanta, GA


“Not only has eCivis been a critical partner for identifying and soliciting private and competitive grants, but we also saw it as an answer to supporting full life cycle management for our Entitlement grants program. This year, the City was able to create efficiencies in the entitlement proposal process. eCivis’ project management, knowledge base, customer support and willingness to adapt enabled the City to achieve its goal in a timely manner. Finally, the ongoing customer support provides a tremendous amount of comfort, as we continue to increase our adoption rate and management efficiencies.”


Karen W. Carter, Director, Grants Management

TESTIMONIAL: Nueces County, TX


After Hurricane Harvey devastatingly struck our community in 2017, Nueces County identified a major gap in calculating indirect costs. Nueces County is excited to be leading the charge in working with eCivis to not only develop a great cost allocation plan, but to recover funds that would otherwise have been unrecoverable. This is vital to our disaster recovery process. We appreciate eCivis and its staff for working with Nueces County and we are optimistic in this new venture.


Judge Barbara Canales

TESTIMONIAL: City & County of Denver, CO


We are not spending money on wasteful processes anymore. We are spending money on delivering services much quicker and more efficiently to the people that need them the most.


Mayor Michael Hancock



Your expertise and easy to use product has given us the tools and understanding to prepare our Cost Allocation Plan in-house and have true ownership of our plan.


Sherri Cassidy, Chief Financial Officer

TESTIMONIAL: State of Arizona


Because the system dramatically reduces time spent on administrative compliance, agencies can focus their efforts on activities that will truly benefit the Arizona taxpayer.


Matthew Hanson, Assistant Director, Statewide Grant Administrator

TESTIMONIAL: City of Boston, MA


The file upload feature is an enormous time saver. The file attachment feature will be a time saver during the audit process!


K.L., Assistant City Auditor

TESTIMONIAL: Alameda County, CA


Since eCivis, our Office has submitted more than 180 grants and been awarded more than $55 million.


Hilary Crowley, Fund Development and Communication Specialist

TESTIMONIAL: City of Norfolk, VA


Overall, we've seen a 204% increase in grant awards to the City and our community-based organizations using eCivis.


Janet Williams, City Auditor


Project: International Museum of Art and Science

Funded By: JP Morgan Chase Foundation Grant, Texas Commission on the Arts, Texas Commission on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts

Total Awarded: $27,500

The city of McAllen assists the International Museum of Art and Science (IMAS) with their development efforts through the utilization of eCivis to research and identify new funding opportunities. Below are a few of the successful grants that the city was able to identify and secure for IMAS.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation Grant ($10,000) integrates the arts into children's educational opportunities. The grant provided for geometry and art workshops with the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District.

Texas Commission on the Arts ($7,500) for marketing projects, including membership drives, television commercials, and social media upgrades.

National Endowment for the Arts ($10,000) to bring the internationally renowned environmental artist, Chris Jordan, to IMAS for presentations to the general public and to students accompanying his exhibit, "Running the Numbers."

TESTIMONIAL: Town of Mooresville, NC


My experience with eCivis started in 2005 when I was with the City of Raleigh, North Carolina...I've worked with the eCivis product for nearly 10 years, and I'm proud to say that they've never failed me.


Angel Wright-Lanier, Deputy Town Manager

TESTIMONIAL: Aims Community College, CO


I have been through more software implementations than I would like to remember, and this truly was the easiest. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to get the data flow set up and running smoothly.


Kara Odell, Controller/AVP Administrative Services

TESTIMONIAL: Los Angeles County Sheriff, CA


We are pleased with eCivis, and would recommend them to anyone seeking grant support.


Rick Cavataio, Financial Programs Bureau

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Pasadena, CA

Project: Parks & Natural Resources Division of Dept of Public Works

Total Awarded: $5,000,000

The Parks & Natural Resources Division of Dept. of Public Works currently has 16 grants in progress, totaling approximately $5,000,000 in funding, all originally obtained using eCivis services.

The City of Pasadena has received funding throughout the years from programs such as: The Recreational Trails Program, California Youth Soccer & Recreation, Prop 40 Urban Forestry Management Plan, Prop 50 California River Parkways, Habitat Conservation Fund, CalFire Urban Forestry and EEMP.


All projects in Pasadena's Arroyo Seco (a 1,000-acre recreational and natural area park and urban forestry street), as well as park tree planting projects and city park renovation projects, are solely funded by grants. eCivis is our primary source when initially obtaining grant information!


Elise Jackson, Arroyo Seco Program Coordinator


Project: Digital Fire Training System

Funded By: Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation

Total Awarded: $19,143.82

Given persistent drought conditions in northern Texas, traditional fire suppression training was not a practical option for the City of Allen's fire department. With the help of eCivis Grants Network and a client services representative, the department was able to identify a grant opportunity from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation that would allow a variety of members of the community to digitally simulate real-world scenarios.

After winning a grant from the foundation, the fire department was able to provide "fire suppression training to communities that otherwise would not be able to engage in fire safety activities, including a local assisted living facility," said Linda Greenidge, Public Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Allen Fire Department. Training has allowed members of the community to engage in a variety of fire scenarios requiring different kinds of coordination, and has even allowed a local sixth-grade class to earn pass/fail credit for completion of a fire safety training course.

TESTIMONIAL: Borough of Brentwood, PA


Trying to research and locate funding opportunities is becoming more and more of a competitive process. There are more organizations seeking funding from a limited pool of available grants and foundations. eCivis provides a means of not only researching for the most appropriate funding source, but also provides assistance with the application process, and the tracking of said grants. This has saved the Borough of Brentwood countless hours of staff time and resources...In a time when everyone is asked to do more with less, eCivis has proven to be a valuable and reliable resource.

brentborologo 128x110-1

George Zboyovsky, Borough Manager

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Santa Clarita, CA


Project: Elsmere Canyon

Total Awarded: $2,550,000

The Los Angeles County and the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy awarded over $2.4 million to the city for the acquisition and preservation of open space at Elsmere Canyon. Slated to be the largest landfill in the United States, Elsmere Canyon is an area of significant importance to Santa Clarita as it provides connectivity to existing wildlife corridors and is a popular spot for local hikers, bikers, and equestrians. The city also received $150,000 from the Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District to help fund the expansion of public trails at East Walker Ranch.

TESTIMONIAL: City of Trenton, OH


As an Economic Development Director for a city in Ohio, part of my responsibility is to go after grants for a variety of public purposes.... what is difficult for me is finding every grant opportunity. This is what eCivis does very successfully. The searching process is easy to use, and in my view, all any entity has to do is obtain one grant discovered through eCivis and the service has paid for itself for many years.

official-seal-of-trenton 128x128-1

James A Foster, Economic Development Director

FUNDED PROJECTLos Angeles County Sheriff, CA


Project: DNA Backlog Program

Funded By: National Institute of Justice Forensic DNA Backlog Grant

Total Awarded: $1,561,300

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department DNA Backlog Program offers an opportunity for states and units of local government, with crime laboratories conducting DNA analysis, to handle, screen, and analyze backlogged forensic DNA casework samples. The DNA Backlog Program also improves DNA laboratory infrastructure and analysis capacity, allowing forensic DNA samples to be processed efficiently and cost effectively. These improvements are critical to preventing future DNA backlogs and to helping the criminal justice stem use the full potential of DNA technology.

TESTIMONIAL: County of Palm Beach, Parks and Recreations, FL


The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department ... applies for over $2 million in capital grant funding annually, and this service has allowed us to expand our search beyond our standard development grants to programming grants as well as funding opportunities that are available only to nonprofits...eCivis offers several excellent features. The ability to research a grantor's past funding history allows our staff to determine whether a grantor's mission aligns with your proposed project.


Jean Matthews, Senior Planner

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Memphis, TN


Project: Memphis Workforce Investment Network YouthBuild Program

Funded By: U.S. Department of Labor

Total Awarded: $1,100,000

The Memphis Workforce Investment Network YouthBuild Program will serve 70 young people ages 18-24 who will help build eight homes in Memphis during a two-year training period (2014-2015). This project is part of the larger Heritage Trails strategy to revitalize historically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the downtown area by training local youth to become skilled construction workers with opportunities for long-term careers and income growth in their community.


eCivis Grants Professional Services provided excellent technical assistance with our grant proposal. They helped me shape the proposal to get it into a winning form, and were instrumental in making sure that the proposal met what the Department Labor was looking for.

Alan Gumbel, Program Manager

TESTIMONIAL: Lee County Sherrif's Office, FL


eCivis is a valuable tool for the Lee County Sheriff's Office. I use it regularly to search for supplemental funding for a wide range of projects. I also review the email blast of new grants available on a daily basis. Perhaps the most valuable feature is the function that updates users on any changes to saved grant announcements. We apply for multiple recurring grants that never seem to have the same release date. This feature alerts our agency whenever there is a change for saved grants. It's a time saver and a safety net to help ensure that we don't miss an important grant that we depend upon for continued operations.


Stanley Nelson, Lee County Sherrif's Office

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Rio Hondo, TX

Project: Police Department Data Collection System

Funded By: U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ)

Total Awarded: $48,000

With a population of 2,356, the farming community of Rio Hondo is located in South Texas in Cameron County, about 28 miles north of Brownsville. The city has benefited from a number of grant successes during 2014-2015, including acquiring funding for smart water meters and water treatment. The city notably acquired a $48,000 grant to provide all its police officers with body-worn cameras and to equip two vehicles with digital cameras, replacing the outdated tape cameras.

“We needed to get body cameras as well as some bullet-proof vests,” said City Administrator Ben Medina. “Through your search engine we were able to identify funding sources to make this happen.” With the new cameras, police officers have better documentation of their encounters for the sake of both the police and citizens.

TESTIMONIAL: Special District of Darrington Fire Department 24, WA


We started using eCivis in January of 2015. I am pleased with the help, the information that [they] provide, and the staff they employ to help us. Just yesterday I received notice that we were awarded the Medic One Foundation grant. We also have been awarded a CDGB grant, and a Cascade Valley Hospital grant. All these grants have added up to just under one million dollars in grant money [for] our Fire District.


Jeff McClelland, Captian, Health and Safety Officer

FUNDED PROJECT: Town of Orange, VA

Project: Town of Orange Standpipe and Tank PER

Funded By: Virginia Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water

Total Awarded: $45,000

With a population of 4,721, the Town of Orange has relied on a water tank that is over 100 years old and has been refurbished several times. Concerned about the long-term capacity of the standpipe to provide clean, potable drinking water, town administrators started to look for grant funding to assess its condition and determine its operation life. They decided to pursue a State Office of Drinking Water grant to accomplish this.

"We needed funding for a PER to assess the standpipe and all of its related functions, and to determine a course of action for the future," said Linda Chambers, Deputy Treasurer for the Town of Orange and the town's primary grant administrator. Administrators submitted an application for the fall 2014 cycle but were unsuccessful. "We submitted additional documentation with our next application, for which we were awarded." On the second try, town administrators included an Office of Drinking Water Waterworks Evaluation, which had recommended that the standpipe be replaced. "It was the additional documentation that helped our case," said Chambers.

"eCivis was my source for the grant information," added Chambers. "Prior to my coming into this position, intermittent research for grants was done. I use eCivis for all my grant research needs.... Our subscription to eCivis has definitely paid off."

FUNDED PROJECT: The Port of Los Angeles, CA

Project: Port Technology Advancement Program

Funded By: Recovery Act: Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

Total Awarded: $1,482,000

The Technology Advancement Program (TAP) serves as the catalyst for identifying, evaluating, and demonstrating new and emerging emissions reduction and electrification technologies applicable to the port industry. These technologies will be incorporated in future updates to the Port's Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP) as either new control measures, alternatives to existing emission reduction strategies, or as additional mitigation options to support Port growth. Projects that are seeking funding or other forms of assistance are required to submit a proposal explaining their technology and their assistance request. Proposals are evaluated by the TAP Advisory Committee using screening criteria including, but not limited to cost, feasibility, applicability, technological maturity, vendor qualifications and their ability to cost share.

The Port will utilize this funding to further its technologies efforts including, but not limited to, zero emission heavy duty trucks, shore-side power production, electric rubber tired gantry cranes, and harbor craft. The Port would limit grants using DOE funding to commercially available equipment that increases energy efficiency and reduces emissions. DOE funds would be limited to paying equal or less than the incremental cost of the new equipment, as compared to traditionally fueled equipment. DOE funding would be used to fund portions of the purchase of efficient equipment as described above, and for City staff salaries.

FUNDED PROJECT: The Port of Los Angeles, CA

Project: Harry Bridges Blvd Improvement

Funded By: Federal Economic Recovery Program: Highway Safety Improvement

Total Awarded: $21,472,000

The Harry Bridges Blvd Improvement Project consists of roadway improvements along a 1.3-mile segment in Wilmington. The street improvements along Harry Bridges Boulevard, from Lakme Avenue to Figueroa Street, will include grading, utility relocations, construction of concrete walks, gutters, driveways, traffic signals, fire hydrants, street lighting storm drainage, signage, landscaping, irrigation and fiber optic infrastructure. Construction is expected to be complete in January 2012.


Project: Rio Grande Valley Border Interoperability Regional Project

Funded By: U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Total Awarded: $1,940,000

The City of McAllen, Texas, received $1,940,000 from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the Rio Grande Valley Border Interoperability Regional Project (RGVBIRP). This project is designed to improve emergency and public safety communications between federal agencies, local first responders, and law enforcement departments. The RGVBIRP is a demonstration of the ability of public safety authorities in the U.S. and Mexico to communicate via a secure connection, in real‐time, during emergency situations such as natural disasters, national threats, or when in pursuit of criminal activities along and across the U.S.‐Mexico border.

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Boynton Beach, FL

Project: Family Reading Program

Funded By: Target Store Grants

Total Awarded: $3,000

Boyton Beach City Library has been working with several literacy centers for the past fifteen months. The library was a recipient of a Dollar General/ American Library Association Grant to purchase materials for adult English- language learners. With the Dollar General money, Boyton Beach was able to purchase materials to help adult ESOL students learn English, prepare for jobs, and participate in family activities with bilingual cookbooks and recreational reading.

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Calexico, CA

Project: Housing Rehabilitation, Rental Assistance, and Technical Assistance

Funded By: State of California via U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (pass-through funding)

Total Awarded: $1.3 Million

With a population of 38,572 (2010 census), the City of Calexico is a border city in eastern California. In 2014, the city received a Community Development Block Grant from the State of California Housing and Community Development for $1.3 million for housing rehabilitation for low-income homeowners, rental assistance for low-income households, and a microenterprise program providing technical assistance training for those looking to start a business. The program will help teach prospective business owners how to write up a business plan, as well as manage payroll, taxes, and business licensing—“anything they need to establish a small business,” said Grants Manager Rosalind Guerrero, who uses eCivis Grants Network to find funding opportunities for the city’s departments, including police, fire, housing, public works and community services. The mission of the CDBG award will be facilitated by two nonprofit partners: the Neighborhood House of Calexico, a nonprofit providing microenterprise loans, and the Small Business Development Center through San Diego State University (SDSU), which will provide technical assistance to prospective small business owners.

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Santa Clarita, CA

Project: Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction Program

Funded By: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act's Transit Investment

Total Awarded: $4,620,000

The city of Santa Clarita continues its "Go Green" initiative with the construction of new solar canopies and carports at its state-of-the-art "LEED Gold Certified" Transit Maintenance Facility.  These new additions, when combined with the Transit Maintenance Facility’s existing solar paneled canopy, will generate 97% of all electricity needed to power the facility. As a result, Santa Clarita will save approximately $135,000 a year in electricity bills. The new solar panels will be placed on top of three canopies that will generate electricity while also providing shade for the city’s transit fleet. Additional panels will be placed on top of the bus wash building. The project is a result of a $4.62 million award the city of Santa Clarita received through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’s Transit Investment in Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction Program. Santa Clarita was selected as one of 43 agencies to be awarded funds through this grant program. The city also applied for a reimbursement from Southern California Edison's California Solar Incentive Program. Southern California Edison approved Santa Clarita’s application for a total of $260,000 for reimbursement over five years.


The City of Santa Clarita regularly utilizes eCivis’ grants research and management software, and over the last five years, we have successfully garnered over $55 million in grant funding that has resulted in many projects for our community.


Ken Striplin, City Manager

FUNDED PROJECT: City of Santa Clarita, CA

Project: Road and Bridge Improvements

Funded By: Highway Safety Improvement Program

Total Awarded: $49,719,390

The Highway Safety Improvement Program awarded $345,150 to upgrade Santa Clarita’s pedestrian facilities, such as ramps and crosswalk signals at the intersections of Soledad Canyon Road and Crossglade Avenue, and Railroad Avenue and Drayton Street.  Through the same program, the city was also awarded $174,240 to construct a raised median at the I-5/Lyons Avenue interchange.  Over $9.2 million was received from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to fund projects including the widening and bicycle trail gap closure of McBean Parkway over the Santa Clara River; the Intelligent Transportation Management System Traffic Signal Synchronization Program; construction of a traffic calming round-a-bout at Main Street and Newhall Avenue; and the Citywide Way-Finding Program for pedestrians and bicyclists. California also granted Santa Clarita $244,983 to install bikeways at Hillsborough Parkway, Grandview Parkway, and Centre Pointe Parkway, and $141,723 to improve bike lanes throughout the industrial center.  Additionally, the city was awarded $400,000 by CalTrans through their Highway Bridge Program to help fund their on-going Bridge Maintenance Program.

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