Grant Management For County Governments 

America's 3,000+ county governments invest nearly $500 billion each year in local services, and building and sustaining healthy and vibrant communities. Grant funds play a vital role in the delivery of these services. eCivis helps counties secure new grant awards and manage their existing grant funds. Here are what county governments expect from eCivis. 

  1. Access to comprehensive grant funding sources, including foundation grants, to mitigate federal and state budget changes 
  2. Creating internal capacity by reducing staff workload and streamlining internal processes and reporting. 
  3. Improving information sharing and collaboration within the county and their sub-recipients.


Harris County, TX



Harris County, TX

System Objectives: 

The objectives of the system were to improve comprehensive grant reporting by the County, track the County’s success rate in obtaining grants, identify grants available to fund projects, track expenses on a grant and department level basis, monitor grant deadlines and deliverables, and establish an audit trail for all grant activities. The grants management system was also required to perform the following key tasks:

  • Search and allow access/submission to all available governmental and private foundation grants (updated frequently).
  • Allow access to a database of previously accepted grants submissions for review purposes.
  • Ability to track in detail the actual costs expended compared to the grant budget for an unlimited number of grants (or at a minimum 750 open grants at a time).
  • Ability to track expenditures vs. time remaining on grant(s).
  • Ability to integrate reimbursement, expense, budget, and performance metric data from one, or many, sources to the grant software.

City and County of Denver, CO



City and County of Denver, CO

System Objectives:

  • Agencies will use the system to research and select grants and initiate the pre-award process workflow
  • The solution should be integrated with PeopleSoft/Workday to allow transfer of award information into the agency’s budget and track spending.
  • Improve compliance with Fiscal Accountability Rule (FAR) 9.1 to 90%. Maximize grant funding with more effective and user-friendly grant research tools.
  • Better manage the entire grant process from research to post award functions and monitoring via automations and enhanced management reporting (e.g. win rates, grants by agency, grants by funder, etc.).



Alachua County, FL

"eCivis has provided us with funding opportunities that we could not find elsewhere. They provide a great summary of the funder's program focus, guidelines, and eligibility so that you can review opportunities efficiently. Their customer service is very accessible and personal."

— Margaret Friend, Director of Development, County of Alachua, FL

Polk County, FL

"eCivis has taken a very long, tedious, and time consuming process and has increased my job efficiency by 100 percent. eCivis has tasks and reminders which are very efficient in assisting with time management, when writing grants time can get away from us and deadlines can be missed. I highly recommend eCivis."

— Jeanna Cox, Polk County Board of Commissioners, County of Polk, FL

Tulsa County, OK

"eCivis gives me everything I need in one place. The advance notices particularly help us prepare, so we have the programs and processes in place when grants are officially announced. Often the deadlines are quick, and we could miss the opportunities otherwise."

— Debi Benight, Grant Coordinator, County of Tulsa, OK


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