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eCivis¬© is now the leading SaaS cost allocation software provider. Whether you create federal cost allocation plans, prepare indirect cost rate proposals, or manage cross-jurisdictional P&Ls, eCivis can address your organization's needs. Revolutionize your cost management process. Stop spending money to produce a single cost plan, ICRP or SWCAP each year. Calculate costs whenever you need and eliminate the high cost of outsourcing this service.


Your expertise and easy to use product has given us the tools and understanding to prepare our Cost Allocation Plan in-house and have true ownership of our plan.


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Key Benefits

  • Save Time - Maximize your efficiency and minimize time spent entering and reviewing data and producing cost plans and reports.
  • Fund Maximization - Maximize your grant and program funding through full and complete cost recovery and allocation.
  • Efficient, Effective Planning - Provide a clear and concise methodology to assist in developing budgets and planning program delivery, and determine full, defensible, indirect costs to include in ICRPs, hour rates, user fees, and SB90 claims.

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The file upload feature is an enormous time saver. The file attachment feature will be a time saver during the audit process!


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Key Cost Allocation Software Features

  • Create and maintain the structure of your agency in one place for every cost plan
  • Track and compare your expenditures and allocation basis by fiscal year at the click of a button
  • You can create as many cost plans as you would like in order to run scenarios and project costs
  • Funds, Departments, or Divisions - allocate your costs at whatever level works best for your agency
  • There is no limit to the number of Users who can work on a cost plan at the same time.
  • Access Allocate wherever in the world you happen to be. Get the numbers you need on any computer
  • Quickly enter your data using our flexible and robust Excel importer. No special formatting required
  • Sign in with the click of a button using your Microsoft Office 365 or Google Account
  • With the side Navigation Bar you can easily access any part of your agency's data at the click of a button
  • Built in Knowledge base and unlimited online customer support

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