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Harris-County-case-studyHarris County, TX

Improved and Maintained Efficiencies Without Increasing Headcount

Learn how Harris County deployed a centralized grant management system (GMS) to provide clear oversight and reporting of all grant funding for the County.

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city-of-atlanta-georgia-case-studyCity of Atlanta, GA

44% Increase In the Number of Qualified Proposals

Learn how Atlanta is modernizing grants management with cloud-based software reducing administration time, reducing audit and compliance issues, and driving information sharing.

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state-of-arizona-case-studyState of Arizona

24% Revenue Increase, $500,000 Savings Per Year

Learn how the State of Arizona manages its $14.5+ billion in federal grants to enrich the lives of the citizens of Arizona.

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City of Detroit, MI

Zero Audit Findings, $202 Million In New Grants

Learn how Detroit reduced audit findings by 88% and secured more than $202 million in grants and donations to support neighborhood revitalization and service improvements.

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Glynn County, GA

26% Increase In Funding, 50% Less Work

Learn how the County of Glynn built an even stronger grants portfolio, to more than $1 million, by centralizing its grant acquisition efforts.

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norfolk-va-case-studyCity of Norfolk, VA  

A 204% Increase In Grant Awards

Learn how Norfolk more than doubled their grant awards, spent less time searching for grant opportunities, and successfully secured funding.

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City of San Antonio, TX

50% More Time To Apply

Learn how San Antonio reduced time spent on grant research and increased collaboration to win more grant funds.

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osage-nation-case-studyOsage Nation, OK

Centralizing a Grants Office

Learn how Osage Nation's Office of Strategic Planning & Grants Management centralized their support services to improve grant acquisition and grant management.

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Sonoma County, CA

Pursuing Public-Private Partnerships

Learn how Sonoma County developed a strategy to help pursue grants with their community organizations and reduced the burden on general funds.

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City of Goodyear, AZ

Creating Transparency

Learn how Goodyear created organizational transparency, leading to better financial performance.

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City of Apache Junction, AZ

15 Hours Per Week Saved

Learn how Apache Junction saved upwards of 15 hours per week researching grant opportunities, time that the grants team could use for project planning.

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