Town of Mooresville, NC

"My experience with eCivis started in 2005 when I was with the City of Raleigh, North Carolina. The City purchased the research tool and quickly saw great benefits from having access to additional grant sources. We later purchased the tracking and reporting tool so that we could better manage grants and stay on top of reporting deadlines. eCivis helped us design our process when we had to manage several million stimulus dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Two and a half years ago, when I started working at the City of Goldsboro, I recommended to my boss that we use eCivis. I promised to win a grant if he would pay for the access to Grants Network. I won a $25,000 grant within about six months of implementing the product, more than paying for the license fee.

Now that I'm at the Town of Mooresville, I have secured a contract with eCivis for the grant research, tracking and reporting, and financial integration tools (the latter tool allows our financial and programmatic systems to speak to each other). Folks in our organization are really excited to have access to the many grant opportunities available through the grant management system.

I wholeheartedly recommend the eCivis product without reservation. The research and technology teams at eCivis work hard to make sure that our staff has all the resources that they need to be successful. I've worked with the eCivis product for nearly 10 years, and I'm proud to say that they've never failed me."

- Angel Wright-Lanier, Deputy Town Manager

Tulsa County, OK

 "eCivis is the best program by far."

- Lindon Thompson, Grant Writer, County of Tulsa, Oklahoma

County of Alameda, CA

"When Alameda County invested in a Fund Development Office pilot back in 2011, a critical component was incorporating a robust grants management system and eCivis was our choice. Since that time, our Fund Development Office has submitted more than 180 grants and been awarded more than $55 million, primarily in support of its principle clients, the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, Social Services Agency, and the Probation Department.

With eight staff serving clients that often overlap, and contractors supporting our efforts, eCivis enables us to not only track and report to our high-profile stakeholders, but also prospect and give Technical Assistance to our community based organization partners. eCivis definitely makes our work more streamlined so that we can keep our focus on sustaining and expanding the County's progressive and innovating services that serve our 1.5 million residents."

- Hilary Crowley, Fund Development and Communication Specialist

Polk County, FL

"[eCivis] has increased my job efficiency by 100%.... I highly recommend eCivis."

— Jenna Cox, Board of Commissioners

City Trenton, OH

"As an Economic Development Director for a city in Ohio, part of my responsibility is to go after grants for a variety of public purposes.... what is difficult for me is finding every grant opportunity. This is what eCivis does very successfully. The searching process is easy to use, and in my view, all any entity has to do is obtain one grant discovered through eCivis and the service has paid for itself for many years."

- James A Foster, Economic Development Director

Osage Nation

"eCivis is on track to a have a great software with continued enhancements tailored to the needs of Indian Country."

- Penny Bradford, Compliance Manager

Aims Community College, CO

“I have been through more software implementations than I would like to remember, and this truly was the easiest. I was amazed at how quickly we were able to get the data flow set up and running smoothly. Kudos to you and your team, and kudos to the staff at Aims.”

- Kara Odell, Controller/AVP Administrative Services


Borough of Brentwood, PA

"Trying to research and locate funding opportunities is becoming more and more of a competitive process. There are more organizations seeking funding from a limited pool of available grants and foundations. eCivis provides a means of not only researching for the most appropriate funding source, but also provides assistance with the application process, and the tracking of said grants. This has saved the Borough of Brentwood countless hours of staff time and resources. The web-based program is so user friendly that only a minimal amount of training time was needed before we were able to jump right in and begin using Grants Network. The very first time using the system, the Borough's Acting Police Chief not only found a grant opportunity for purchasing AEDs, but applied and was awarded the grant. In a time when everyone is asked to do more with less, eCivis has proven to be a valuable and reliable resource."

- George Zboyovsky, Borough Manager

County of Palm Beach, Parks and Recreations, FL

"The Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department ... applies for over $2 million in capital grant funding annually, and this service has allowed us to expand our search beyond our standard development grants to programming grants as well as funding opportunities that are available only to nonprofits.... eCivis offers several excellent features. The ability to research a grantor's past funding history allows our staff to determine whether a grantor's mission aligns with your proposed project."

- Jean Matthews, Senior Planner

Lee County Sherrif's Office, FL

"eCivis is a valuable tool for the Lee County Sheriff's Office. I use it regularly to search for supplemental funding for a wide range of projects. I also review the email blast of new grants available on a daily basis. Perhaps the most valuable feature is the function that updates users on any changes to saved grant announcements. We apply for multiple recurring grants that never seem to have the same release date. This feature alerts our agency whenever there is a change for saved grants. It's a time saver and a safety net to help ensure that we don't miss an important grant that we depend upon for continued operations."

- Stanley Nelson, Tulsa County Sherrif's Office

Special District of Darrington Fire Department 24, WA

"We started using eCivis in January of 2015. I am pleased with the help, the information that [they] provide, and the staff they employ to help us. Just yesterday I received notice that we were awarded the Medic One Foundation grant. We also have been awarded a CDGB grant, and a Cascade Valley Hospital grant. All these grants have added up to just under one million dollars in grant money [for] our Fire District."

- Jeff McClelland, Captian, Health and Safety Officer

City of Belle Glade, FL

"Last year I was introduced to the eCivis system during a grant training course; as a project manager and grant writer I immediately noted the numerous capabilities that would support and expedite my work. To date I have procured millions of dollars for projects ranging from marina, navigation and campgrounds to roads, drainage, facilities and playground equipment. Prior to eCivis I used grants.gov or physically went in and performed searches by agencies, foundations or needs, and the searches needed to be done one at a time. Today, I receive a weekly update of all new funding according to my search preferences and have access to the descriptions allowing me to review possibilities in seconds. Recently, I went into grants.gov, after accessing grant info through eCivis, and found a new upgrade that was extremely difficult to utilize. Following up with grants is the only way that municipal governments can get funding for projects, this is a critical stream of revenue and tools providing ease of access with strong follow-up are a must, in order to be successful."

- Lillian Tomeu, Grants / Special Projects Manager

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