Harris County, Texas


Harris County identified the need for a centralized grant management system (GMS) to provide clear oversight and reporting of all grant funding for the County and its stakeholders.

The Results: The County streamlined projects and grants set-up prior to an award, and it now tracks expenditures posted in the financial system against each project and grant post-award. The grant office has effectively improved and maintained efficiencies without increasing headcount. Harris County is now able to track actual costs expended in detail and compare budgets for an unlimited number of grants.

The Mission: Harris County identified its objective to improve comprehensive grant reporting, track the success rate in obtaining grants, identify grants available to fund projects, track expenses on a grant and department-level basis, monitor grant deadlines and deliverables, and establish an audit trail for all grant activities.
The new system needed to search and allow access/submission to all grants, access a database of previously accepted grants, track costs for as many as 750 open grants simultaneously, track expenditures vs. time, and integrate reimbursement, expense, budget, and performance metric data from many, sources.

The Work: The County deployed a centralized GMS that provides clear oversight and reporting of all grant funding to stakeholders. The new level of transparency allows the County to measure spend-down performance and increased compliance with both program and financial requirements, such as matching costs and maintenance of effort. eCivis's software provides clear oversight and reporting of all grant funding and implements secure on-demand resources through desktop and mobile devices, thus improving the speed of reporting and decision-making.

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