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What's Your Grant Strategy?

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During last Thursday's ICMA-eCivis webinar on the grant challenges and solutions of small communities, the expert panel posed the following polling question:

Which describes your organization's grant strategy?

  1. Well-defined, successful, and communicated throughout the organization
  2. Limited and targeted, but successful and understood by specific individuals
  3. Not consistently articulated, but departments are aware of common opportunities and understood by specific individuals
  4. Not articulated and likely missing significant opportunities

I won't tell you the results just yet. That would skew things, and I'd like to see how readers like yourself respond to this question. If you're on a tablet, you can take our three-question survey at the link. Otherwise, you'll find the poll conveniently located below. Be sure to also read our six-part series on Creating a Grants Office from Scratch. It's a popular series on relationship-building from federal and state grant expert Stacy Fitzsimmons.