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Website Refresh Means Better Grants Management for Gov

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When you come to visit the eCivis website, things may look a whole lot different. And that’s a good thing for state, local, and tribal governments seeking to improve their grants management.

We’re excited to inform our community that we’ve just rolled out a website refresh focused on improving the user experience and ensuring that whether you’re a grants administrator or government professional seeking grants resources, you can quickly understand how we can help.

Why update the website?

We felt that it was not only time for a fresh, new look, but also time to make it especially clear to our state, local, and tribal government professionals what it is exactly that we do. Sometimes, when we talk to new folks in our community, they’re not aware of everything we offer. We hear comments like “I thought eCivis was just a research company,” or “I love your webinars, but I didn’t know you sold software that could help me with my grants!”

To learn more about our grants management and cost allocation software and solutions, head here

What can we expect to see on the updated site?

We’ve been purposeful in ensuring a more user-friendly design, improved user experience, and showcasing diversity that accurately depicts what our government workforces look like today. You might notice a cleaner look and feel, easier text to read, and more guidance on what to click next. 

One thing we’re especially excited about is telling the stories of our amazing clients in a way that accurately depicts the heroic work they do for their communities. We’ve replaced “case studies” with “Hero Highlights” to show the incredible impact these everyday government heroes can make through grants.

Check out our Hero Highlights by heading here

What resources can I still expect to see?

Don’t worry, we still have our popular webinars, guides, online trainings, blogs, and more–all available to our community at no cost. 

If you’re ready to level up your grants management knowledge, feel free to peruse our resource library here

At the end of the day, we’re here to help governments simplify the entire grants process through grants management and cost allocation software and services, so you can worry less about administrative burden and focus on delivering greater impact in your communities.

Head to the new homepage and take a look!

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