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The Fire Prevention & Safety Grant: FP&S Activity

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A major goal of the FY 2017 Fire Prevention & Safety Grant is to implement the National Preparedness System that ensures we remain a secure and resilient country in the face of a variety of threats. The FP&S program supports core capabilities to that end, in the areas of prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery. There are two components to this grant, the first covers fire prevention and safety activity, and the second covers fire prevention and safety research and development. We will look at the activity component since that is the one most state and local governments apply to for practical applications to improve community safety.

The FP&S Activity

The purpose of this program is to mitigate harm and property damage caused by fire and fire hazards in high risk groups. Funding is supported under the following four categories:

  • Community Risk Reduction - Smoke alarms, public education, training, general prevention and awareness, juvenile fire setters, and wildlife fire prevention. Priority under this category will be given to sprinkler awareness, community risk assessments, door-to-door smoke alarm installation, with additional consideration given to projects that address the needs of people with disabilities.
  • Code Enforcement Awareness - conducting building inspections, adoption and awareness of building codes. Priority under this category will be given to first-time or reinstatement of code adoption and code enforcement.
  • Fire and arson investigation - Arson investigation trailers, educational materials, equipment, and personnel costs. Priority under this category will be given to aggressive investigation of every fire.
  • National State Regional Programs and Studies - Safety and wellness programs that help change firefighter behavior and decision making. Priority under this category will be given to putting the results of previous scientific research into place.

Selected Previous Recipients

Below are selected recipients from last year's activity component. FEMA has the complete list of FY 2016 awardees for both components of FP&S available on their website.

  • The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition will work with over 100 local fire departments, builders, developers, and planners to raise awareness of the value of home sprinklers in new construction.
  • The State of Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office won funding to continue its nationally recognized Get Alarmed, TN! into 2018. The program includes an online map of fire alarm installation progress throughout the state.
  • The Cape Coral Florida FD will provide specially adapted smoke alarms to its residents who are hearing impaired. The alarms use strobe lights and under-the-bed-shakers to make residents aware of dangers.
  • The Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association will continue its work to protect first responders on streets and highways. ResponderSafety.com and The ResponderSafety Learning Network are the leading sources of information on best practices to keep first responders safe while attending to those in distress on the side of the road. Distracted driving and other public education campaigns are a crucial part of prevention efforts.
  • The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service of Maryland will conduct home safety check programs as well as purchase smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and senior outreach initiatives.

Applying for FP&S Activity

Eligible applicants are tribal organizations, state and local governments, academic institutions, and nonprofits. Applicants may only submit one application. Anyone wishing to also submit an application under FP&S Research and Development must use the same application, otherwise both applications may be disqualified. An application may include up to three projects under each component; however, each project within an application must be presented separately as a free-standing proposal. Refer to the NOFO for complete details. The deadline is March 16, 2018.

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