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Procurement Standards of the Uniform Guidance

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The next video I want to share from our OMB Uniform Guidance training series covers the five methods of procurement standards and their general standards. Modeled on A-102 language, the procurement standards under the Uniform Guidance do not look much different for state and local governments. But for universities and nonprofits, there are some changes to note. 

The following nine-minute video covers these methods: micropurchases (1:50), small purchases (2:44), sealed bids (3:39), competitive proposals (3:58), and sole source (4:19). To help you visualize these standards, the OMB has presented a nifty "bear claw" to frame things. Office of Management and Budget Senior Policy Analyst Victoria Collin, who led this training, also covers the general standards that apply.

Want to download the remainder of this series? Just click the button below. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below, or contact us at info@ecivis.com. We're interested in hearing how entities are doing with the Uniform Guidance!

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