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Grantors, Grantees, and Sub-grantees: Roles and Communications

Grant professionals are familiar with the dance that takes place between grantors (those who provide the funding necessary to sustain organizations and government agencies), grantees (the recipients of these funds) and sub-grantees (those who have contractual or grant relationships with grantees). 
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Grant Writing and Commission-Based Payments

Contingency fees or percentage fees are commission-based payments issued to professionals only if there is a favorable result from their work. In the case of grant writing, it means that a grant writer is paid based on a percentage of the grant awarded.
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Pass-Through Grants: What They’re All About

The federal government allows grant recipients to act as pass-through entities in order to provide funding to other recipients. The pass-through entity receives federal funds which it “passes on” or “passes through it” to other recipients.
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A webinar about registration addresses key questions about creating a SAM user account, migrating legacy account roles/permissions, and updating entity records.
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What’s the ROI of Hiring a Grant Writer?

Hiring a grant writer may in fact result in significant savings over doing the work in-house.
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Your Grant Proposal & Blueprint, the Logic Model

Screenwriters have a couple things in common with grant writers. Both have to pitch their script or project to a prospective funding agency—one a Hollywood studio, the other a grant-making institution. The screenwriter must keep the spiel short ‘n’ sweet to grab attention, and the grant writer must present the funding need precisely and cogently.
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Grant Writing: Thou Shalt Not Supplant

But you may supplement. If you’ve ever read through a NOFA from the Department of Education, chances are you’ve come across the clause stating that federal funding may “supplement, but not supplant,” state/local funding. But what exactly does that mean?
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3 Types of Objectives for a Winning Grant Proposal

Most grant writers or those charged with writing grant applications often confuse the types of objectives and don’t know where to write them in the program design’s narrative. This can cause your grant application to lose peer review points!
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Grants Management: The Grant Close-out

The grant close-out process is the responsibility of both the funding agency and the awardee, but award recipients can/should take steps to ensure an effective close-out, making everyone—funding agencies, auditors, and especially taxpayers—happy.
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