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eCivis Has a Fresh New Look

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If you’ve been to our homepage (or anywhere on our website) recently, you may have noticed something different. That’s because eCivis has just launched an exciting brand refresh with bolder colors, updates to our website, and a new logo! Why the blue and purple haze, you ask? And no, it’s not because we were feeling Jimi Hendrix vibes.

Why undergo a brand refresh?

Performing a brand refresh can be a big deal, and we wanted to ensure we were doing it for all the right reasons. So, we reached out and took the time to listen to our customers, staff, and partners. We asked them about their feelings on eCivis’ current brand, if they preferred a change, and, if so, how drastic they thought the change should be.


Here’s what we heard from members of our community like you:

  • 75 percent of all survey respondents said our logo needs to be updated.
  • 75 percent of all survey respondents said our logo needs to be more modern.
  • 60 percent of all survey respondents said our logo needs to stand out in the market.


To summarize, you said we needed to be bolder, more modern, and we needed a look that would help us differentiate ourselves from the rest. And we heard you, loud and clear.


What’s the inspiration behind the new look?

We wanted a color scheme that would give us the bold and modernized look that we needed. We also wanted a logo that would also make it easier for anyone to find us at events, like the annual ICMA conference, or anywhere in the field. That’s why we chose sky blue and purple. Additionally, the colors are reflective of eCivis’ parent company, GTY Technology.


As for the logo, we wanted a look that would be compelling enough for our audiences but still represent who we are at eCivis. There are four elements to pay attention to, here.

  1. The “e” of eCivis: If you look closely, the sky blue represents an “e” that encircles a purple “C.” Our company is cloud-based and the “e” represents our commitment to staying ahead in the digital era with forward-thinking tech innovation like SaaS-based grants management tools and solutions.
  2. A little lesson in Latin: What does the “C” in eCivis stand for? Most of you in government probably already know, but as a refresher, “civis” in Latin means “citizen.” That’s the core of our mission: empowering state, local and tribal governments with well-run, full-lifecycle grant management so they can give back and enrich their citizenry.
  3. The power button: In the middle of it all, there’s a target. For our customers, that target is their missions and goals and the ability to power those missions all in one platform. As the leader in grants management and allocation software, we’re ready to continue helping agencies maximize their grant revenues, track financial and program performance, prepare cost allocation plans and budgets, stay compliant, and access free and open data tools in one comprehensive suite–with the ease of pressing a “power-on” button.
  4. Something to check off your list: Lastly, the “V” in eCivis is also a checkmark. That checkmark represents eCivis’ four solution areas to help you meet all your grants management and performance needs. From our SaaS cost allocation software, “Allocate,” to the eCivis Grants Network that helps you manage the entire planning and grant pursuance process. Additionally, our solutions simplify the process for grantors and grantees alike by streamlining communications and reducing administrative burden– throughout the entire grant lifecycle.


We hope you love the new look of eCivis as much as we do! If you have any questions on the brand refresh or are ready to maximize your grant revenues, you can reach out at info@ecivis.com