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How to Obtain 501(c)(3) Status for Your Nonprofit: Tips and Resources

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Many small nonprofits come to me with questions about establishing 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS, as well as how to build their organization's capacity to apply for grants. But before you go about searching for grant funding, you need to establish key components of your organization, including an actively contributing board of directors, mission and vision statements (these are two distinct things!), and a plan to fund your operating budget. The following article focuses on getting started on the right foot and getting your vision established so that funders view your board and organization as capable of managing grant awards and providing services to your target populations.

I've managed to include a number of resources and sidebars in the following article to address the multiple discussions that branch from this subject. I hope you'll find these useful. Please leave a comment or write me at bbrowning@ecivis.com if you'd like to chat about the ideas in this article or simply share your thoughts!

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