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Grants for Pets and Their Companions

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When it comes to grants, communities of people come to mind. Many are not aware of the variety of financial aid available for Fido, too. While there is no denying we love our pets, there is also no denying that municipal animal shelters require scarce public resources. The first step in getting help for hounds to ease already strained budgets is to be aware of what kind of aid is out there. State and foundation grants for spay and neuter programs are justifiably popular. It has been well documented that they make a difference. But reducing the number of unwanted animals is only one way to keep shelter populations down. There are programs to assist low-income people with vet bills to make it less likely they will surrender their pets. Likewise, people in hospice and domestic violence situations may also find help keeping their beloved companions when they need them most. The Los Angeles Times shared a promising new intervention model pioneered by animal control employees in South Los Angeles and a nonprofit rescue that helped 2,041 pets stay in their homes and out of shelters in the first nine months of its inception.

Sadly, not all pets will avoid that fate, but there is assistance if they do end up in public facilities or private rescues. Programs for food, medical care, and warm comfy beds are available to help offset costs. For playful pooches there are even kongs to help keep them mentally stimulated and thus more adoptable.

In searching what types of grants may be out there for domestic animals, begin with your own four-legged friends. Chances are the company behind your favorite pet product has a foundation, or at least a program or two, that gives back to the community. A little digging can contribute to an increase in tail wagging and a decrease in tax spending. Who has a bone to pick with that?

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