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Grant Revenue: 3 Keys to Success

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If there is a secret to increasing your grant awards and decreasing your administrative overhead, would you like to be in on it?  From 2013 to 2016, eCivis conducted research with state and local governments with grant portfolios ranging from $100 million to over $10 billion.  We found three characteristics successful organizations had in common that enabled them to maximize funding while minimizing costs.


The Three Keys

Transparency - The first key all winning organizations had in place was transparency. It is critical to avoid redundancy, streamline processes, reduce administrative burden, and manage overall priorities.

Established policies - The second key, established policies, ensures that grants can be successfully implemented. Key stakeholders know where they stand and how to comply with grant requirements. This, in turn, reduces negative audit findings.

Central Support - The third key that unlocks the door to success is central support. Centralized grant offices are the foundation for the first two characteristics, and boost performance through shared strategies and best practices.


See the Stats for Yourself

Here is a short comparison chart:

 Gov-Performance-Indicators (002).jpg


If you would like more information on how to implement the three keys in your own organization, download The Definitive Guide to Maximizing Grant Revenues:

Maximize Your Grant Revenues