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Pima County, AZ - FEMA Might Reconsider Indirect Expenses

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May 2019, Pima County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 to accept Operation Stonegarden grant funding, which provides federal dollars to the Sheriff's Department to reimburse the county for expenses related to border crime.

Eight (8) months later, in a memo from County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, wrote AZ Department of Homeland Security (AZDOHS) might be reconsidering the county's indirect expenses reimbursement. The county was assured at an Arizona Border Counties Coalition meeting that it would receive indirect costs but was later told by AZDOHS that they wouldn't without an approved federal cost allocation plan, Huckelberry said in the memo.

The county has until Monday, January 13, to submit a response to AZDOHS for indirect expense reimbursement for Operation Stonegarden.

Nicolie Lettini, Vice President Indirect Cost Services, eCivis "Indirect Cost is a vital part of every project an agency performs. Getting this indirect cost rate negotiated, understanding how the rate is applied, and how you can use it on all programs and services is critical not only to an agency's sustainability but to maximizing funding opportunities to serve their constituents better."

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