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It's Official! eCivis Joins GTY on NASDAQ

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Today's technologies are transforming industries and our way of life, making activities and access to information much faster and more affordable. It's this type of innovation that has brought eCivis together with GTY Technology Holdings (GTY) and five other cloud software leaders to deliver a transformative government platform to improve government revenue management (grants, loans and all funding sources), financial planning, budgeting, payment processing, permitting and procurement.

eCivis Goes Public

eCivis is now officially part of GTY (NASDAQ: GTYH), which announced on February 19, 2019 the closing of a business combination between eCivis, GTY and five other companies that are leading the digital transformation of the public sector market. Together, these companies, which include eCivis, Bonfire, CityBase, OpenCounter, Questica and Sherpa Government Solutions, will have 300 employees and 2,000 clients across the U.S. and Canada.

What all this means is that the state and local government sector will see faster, more innovative solutions to move data across all key business processes (not just grants), and eCivis clients will see more comprehensive solutions to support critical strategic goals and programs. Imagine if your grant management system could integrate with your budget system to automate your annual budget process and report on available budgets in real-time. What if your procurement process could instantly manage contractors and track Federally funded vendors? What if payments and permitting activities could provide accurate balances to manage your general fund and assess permitting fees without the need for spreadsheets to reconcile funding balances outside your financial system? This is no longer a concept, but a vision of the future that can be realized in the coming months, not years.

This integration of budgets, grants, payments, permits and procurement will lead to better use of data, improved compliance and reduced administrative burden. More importantly, state and local governments will start to experience faster implementations and a dramatic improvement in ROI. Particularity for the 1,000+ government agencies we are already partnered with today, and the thousands of future government agencies we would be privileged to serve in the future.

Only a small percentage of IT budgets across public agencies are actually spent on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The vast majority of IT spend is still invested in highly customized solutions to automate business processes created in a time where legacy on-premise systems, highly customized home-grown systems, or spreadsheets dictated business process design. So a fair amount of today's software implementations are streamlining outdated processes and creating more data silos rather than improving and standardizing the flow of data across existing silos. This IT strategy is costing state and local governments millions in failed implementations. We look forward to helping our clients break from these traditional IT strategies and embrace SaaS to make a greater impact in our communities as part of GTY.

Helping Make An Impact

  • Detroit, MI – 88% reduction in audit findings, zero questioned costs and over $202 million in grants and donations. Learn more.
  • Arizona - $500K in reduced administrative costs annually. 24% increase in Federal grant revenues. Learn more.

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