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From Bankruptcy to Building Systems That Last Into the Future - Detroit's Comeback

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Before bankruptcy, the city of Detroit was operating with outdated systems, processes, and record-keeping. Fast-forward to today, the City of Detroit is thriving, investing in their citizens and critical programs that impact their communities. Check out their story. Watch the video.

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Some of Detroit's Major Accomplishments

  • $1 billion in grant funding secured
  • 10 neighborhoods revitalized and more to come
  • 50% of all parks renovated
  • 13% reduction in unemployment
  • 4,200 neighborhood clean-ups
  • 85 storefronts activated
  • One of seven cities to receive the High Impact Grant
  • Lead Hazard Reduction Grant, “one of the city’s greatest victories” in 2019


Situation - Urgent Need to Effectively Track and Report 513 Grants Annually

Detroit filed for bankruptcy, providing them with a chance to restructure its debt and to find a sustainable path forward. A Financial Stability Agreement was signed to support the integration of budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting systems, as well as the implementation of a new grants management system.


Solution – Effectively Track and Report 513 Grants Annually

Less than a decade later, with a cloud-based grants management system, the city has addressed the urgent need to effectively track and report on their 513 annual grants. A solution that also provided insight into additional funding opportunities that align with local priorities. To date, the city has raised $1 billion. They are building systems that last into the future.

“Grants are a signal that someone believes in your program, believes in your city, believes in your vision,” Ryan Friedrichs, Chief Development Officer, City of Detroit.


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