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Corporate Grantmaking from Keep America Beautiful

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President’s Day is a good time to feature Keep America Beautiful, a nonprofit that has been encouraging the public to become involved in community beautification efforts since 1953. A coalition of major corporations, civic groups, and volunteers, this organization provides several grants throughout the year for anti-littering campaigns, recycling awareness, National Planting Day and other environmentally-related events.

Selected Keep America Beautiful Grants and Programs


Dr. Pepper Snapple Group/KAB Park Recycling Infrastructure Grant Program

This program offers recycling bins in order to expand recycling opportunities in parks and other public settings. Selected award recipients may also receive cash stipends for optional signage or for conducting litter indexes in areas near the bins. The deadline for this program is February 24, 2017.


The UPS Community Tree & Recovery Tree Planting Grants

For the past nine years, this program has supported community tree planting projects in order to help offset greenhouse gas emissions, affirm the value of native trees, and/or provide fresh fruit to local communities. It also supports replanting projects for communities who have experienced natural disasters. In 2016 it made available:

  • 25 grants for $5000 each for Community Tree Planting Projects
  • 5 grants for $5000 each for Post-Recovery Tree Planting Projects
  • 1 grant for $10,000 for a large scale Post-Recovery Tree Planting Project

Priority is given to projects that encourage the participation of local UPS employees. The application period for 2017 is now closed, here is a current awardees.


Keep America Beautiful and Anheuser-Busch: Community Restoration Grants

This award supports restoration programs in communities affected by natural disasters. Eligible projects include:

  • Community clean-up and reconstruction
  • Landscaping
  • Facade and roofing repairs
  • Wetlands Restoration

In 2016, four grants of $10,000 each were awarded for community restoration projects. The 2017 deadline is July 6.


Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants are KAB affiliates in good standing. To find out more about becoming an affiliate, visit the Keep America Beautiful website.


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