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eCivis and Questica Reimagine Budgeting and Grants Management

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What if you could cut the time it takes to create your budget in half? Is that something you would be interested in? The public sector budgeting process can be challenging. It requires a heavy investment of resources and time. The administrative burden on staff and managers can be heavy so it's no surprise that there is high demand for this mission critical process to be transformed.  

Questica, a leader in public sector budgeting, performance, transparency and engagement solutions, and eCivis, the leader in public sector grants management and cost allocation software, today jointly announced a referral partnership to give public sector organizations greater planning, reporting, analysis and management between the budgeting and grant funding processes.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to partner with eCivis,” states Craig Ross, Chief Revenue Officer, Questica Inc. “Our customers regularly ask how they can connect their grant funding into their budgeting process. We have a number of shared customers and similar approaches to product development and customer service. Through this partnership, we will provide our customers with the best available public sector solutions for budget and grant management, including tight system integration to minimize the administrative burden around the budget planning, monitoring and reporting related to grant funding and cost allocations, and to eliminate the need to handle and process the same data more than once”

“We are thrilled to work with Questica whose reputation and commitment to customer success is well known in the industry,” says James Ha, President and CEO, eCivis, “Our customers want an easier way to allocate and report their grant funding as part of their annual budget process. They want an effective way to streamline their grant planning, pursuance and reporting efforts, and the ability to efficiently and accurately track their organization’s goals and performance metrics. Through our collaboration with Questica we’ll provide customers a consolidated and integrated approach to budgeting, grants management and cost allocation, enabling better analysis and help drive greater organizational and community impact.”

Both Questica and eCivis entered into purchase agreements with GTY Technology Holdings in September 2018, the deal is expected to close in early 2019.

About eCivis

Since 2000, eCivis has been the most trusted and widely used SaaS grant management system by state, local and tribal governments. eCivis helps thousands of public sector organizations maximize their grant revenues, track their financial and program performance, prepare cost allocation plans and budgets, and access free open data tools to make sense of Federal data.

About Questica

As a leader of budgeting and preparation software since 1998, Questica’s goal is to make public sector and non-profit finance better for everyone. Over 675 local governments, colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and non-profit organizations throughout North America have eliminated spreadsheets, opting for smarter planning, budgeting, management, transparency, engagement and sharing with our solutions. Our highly scalable solutions have been implemented at organizations managing an annual budget of just over $10 million to others with multi-billion-dollar annual budgets. Also listed on 2018 GovTech 100 Index which showcases the 100 leading companies serving state and local governments in unique, innovative and effective ways.

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