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6 Attributes of Fundable Grants

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Successful grant organizations always consider a project before seeking appropriate funding. Having a well-defined project saves time and resources throughout the grant lifecycle.

Fundable programs have six key attributes:

1. Public Need: The first step in defining your project is to determine that a public need exists. Projects that don’t address a real and pressing community, state, or national issue are not fundable.

2. Link to Organization Priority: By linking your project to your organization’s priorities, the project will have the strong leadership and will ensure continuous improvement in the ways your organization addresses the identified needs.

3. Resources: Resources take many forms, including funding, staff, volunteers, facilities, and equipment.

4. Collaboration: By developing collaborations proactively, it will be much easier to determine how the partnering individuals and groups will work together to facilitate the project once a funding opportunity becomes available.

5. Measure of Success: During the project formation stage, identify clear goals and measurable objectives, including short- and long-term measures, to provide milestones for tracking the ongoing impact of your project.

6. Sustainability: During the planning phase, you should also think about the programmatic and administrative implications of receiving a grant award. What will happen once the funds are expended?

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