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Matching Funds: Two Words That Prevent You From Applying?

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Has a matching fund requirement ever prevented you from applying for a grant?

This was one of the live polling questions posed during today’s ICMA-eCivis webinar, “The Language of Grant Writing,” hosted by Dr. Beverly Browning, Director of Grants Professional Services at eCivis. Ninety-two percent of local government respondents said that this has happened to them.

Dr. Browning offered advice on matching, including one important sidebar: Some local governments have successfully established "501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundations with the assistance of community foundations or bank foundations that are located in one’s town or regionOnce the nonprofit structure is in place, the obstacle of not being able to apply to foundations for grants is immediately removed and you are eligible to proceed with establishing a relationship and submitting a grant proposal under the new nonprofit structure. Many of these types of funders award matching fund grants."

An example of a local government that has been a recipient of a matching fund grant award from a local funder: The City of Holland, along with Hope College, received a matching fund grant to help launch a Sustainability Institute to provide education and outreach associated with the Holland Community Energy Plan and to achieve the City's and College's sustainability goals. Read more, and tell us your story by leaving a comment below.

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