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Grant Manager and Grant Writer: Positions in Harmony

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The grant writer and grant manager work as a duet—the former the storyteller and the latter the accountant/manager. Together they play a key role in harmonizing a grant-active organization's efforts and keeping things on the grants management track.

Some organizations separate these positions, while others combine them into one. Dr. Beverly Browning, Vice President of Grants Professional Services at eCivis, argues that these two positions should remain separate. As she said in a previous blog article, the "grant writer is the excited, research-type of person," whereas "the grant manager is the accounting person, the bean counter ... [who] files the financials, goes out and talks to program staff. These positions should totally be separated as two full-time jobs."

In the short video clip below, Dr. Browning explains the differences between these positions and why they're so important to keep separate. We hope you'll like this bit of advice, and we'd love to hear from you—so feel free to comment below.

Grant Manager and Grant Writer: Separation of Duties from eCivis, Inc. on Vimeo.

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