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Grants Management Best Practice: Have a Process Owner

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What are some best practices for grants management? Kevin Harper, CPA and consultant for eCivis, answers in the following video, encouraging local governments that manage grants decentrally to have a process owner who oversees the grant lifecycle process from beginning to end.

It's good advice, all packed into just over a minute:

Grants Management: Having a Process Owner from eCivis, Inc. on Vimeo.

The video above is part of a series on grants management by Mr. Harper and will be available through the eCivis blog as well as Vimeo and YouTube. Next week, we will continue the series with a clip about recording grant information in the general ledger. Stay tuned, and subscribe to the blog if you haven't already!

About the Author

Kevin Harper (Kevin W. Harper CPA & Associates) has performed over 300 audits of local governments.  His experience includes local governments of all sizes, from the County of Santa Clara and City of Oakland to the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority and the Muir Beach Community Services District, as well as school districts and special districts.  Kevin brings a unique hands-on perspective to his firm, because he has served as interim finance director of City of Fremont, interim Chief Financial Officer of East Bay Regional Park District, elected Auditor of City of Alameda, and elected Trustee of New Haven Unified School District.

About eCivis

eCivis is the nation's leading grants management software solution and the ideal platform for improving local governments' and community-based organizations' grants performance. For more information about eCivis, visit www.ecivis.com. For media inquiries, contact media@ecivis.com.

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