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LinkedIn Groups for Grant Topics

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LinkedIn has blossomed into the hub for professional networking. For those who use it to participate in discussions, the social networking site can be a powerful tool for problem solving and support in niche industries (I just read that there are over 2 million groups). Among these dynamic groups are grant writing and grant management discussion forums. I stay on top of grants news through these forums, besides blogs and alerts.

Here are a handful of helpful groups I've annotated notes on, and which I hope will help jog your mind if you’re considering how to more fully participate in local government, nonprofit, and grant writing discussions:

  • The Municipal Government ForumA nonpartisan forum whose primary goal is to help drive effective community policy through insights, information and networking opportunities for local leaders. Discussions range from the municipal bonds to Detroit’s bankruptcy to the California Rim Fire. See also: Municipal Bond Forum.
  • For GrantWriters Only: A supportive network for grant writers and grant administrators, with topics ranging from support for new grant writers to discussions on client issues and writing letters of inquiry. A highly active forum.
  • eCivis Grants Network Users Group: Despite the name, the eCivis LinkedIn group is open to Grants Network database users and nonusers alike. Posts include blog articles, conference announcements, grant writing and grant management training info, and other relevant news items.
  • OMB Circular A-133 Finance and Grant Professionals: Focusing on accounting and compliance activities associated with federal grants, this forum, while relatively quiet given its focus, is good for checking the pulse of the OMB and compliance issues.

Last, remember that if you run a LinkedIn discussion group that there’s a new look that’s been recently implemented. There’s also a LinkedIn blog you might want to check out.

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