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Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program and Sequestration

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There are a number of useful resources available on sequestration's estimated cuts to federal grant programs. Two such resources are provided by the White House and Dylan Matthews of the Washington Post. These go well beyond my humble research skills. However, I thought it useful to present some data in map form, and to focus narrowly on one program to present some perspective—in this case, a state-level view of the sequester and the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program.

The JAG program supports law enforcement, prosecution and courts, crime prevention and education, corrections and community corrections, drug treatment and enforcement, and crime victim and witness initiatives. The map below provides an overview of estimated sequestration cuts to the JAG program by state (information derived from the White House’s “What You Need to Know About the Sequester,” link above). The states to take the biggest hit are California, Texas, and Florida.

Cuts by state are as follows: AL: $230,000; AK:  $69,000; AZ: $298,000; AR: $159,000; CA: $1,600,000; CO: $213,000; CT: $153,000; DE: $83,000; FL: $970,000; GA: $427,000; HI: $79,000; ID: $82,000; IL: $587,000; IN: $262,000; IA: $135,000; KS: $149,000; KY: $171,000; LA: $264,000; ME: $67,000; MD: $317,000; MA: $300,000; MI: $482,000; MN: $201,000; MS: $138,000; MO: $298,000; MT: $66,000; NE: $97,000; NV: $181,000; NH: $71,000; NJ: $336,000; NM: $135,000; NY: $780,000; NC: $401,000; ND: $35,000; OH: $455,000; OK: $193,000; OR: $155,000; PA: $509,000; RI: $68,000; SC: $278,000; SD: $37,000; TN: $367,000; TX: $1,103,000; UT: $119,000; VT: $33,000; VA: $276,000; WA: $271,000; WV:  $96,000; WI: $216,000; WY: $36,000

Norfolk Virginia Case Study from eCivis