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It's Official. Cost Allocation Has Moved To The Cloud

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I'm proud to announce the release of Allocate, the first cloud-based cost allocation software created specifically for the public sector to produce accurate Full Cost and OMB compliant cost plans. Technology continues to disrupt industries, making things easier and less expensive. Creating cost plans was in need of disruption and now it's here. Say hello to Allocate.

 Allocate Overview Video

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Why Allocate Matters

For less than you pay a consultant each year, you can prepare multiple cost plans and run an unlimited number of cost scenarios to help you accurately calculate indirect costs, develop your budget proposal and make more informed financial decisions. You can also store all of your costs plans and compare fiscal years on-demand. 

Cost allocation is a powerful tool in effective grants management and an important budget planning tool for any city, county or state agency. Learn more about Allocate and how it can help you maximize your grant resources and improve fiscal health. Reach out to info@ecivis.com.

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