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3 Simple Steps To Access Arizona Grant Opportunities

1. Have a Project

Make sure you've defined your project before you look for grant funding.


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3. Start Searching

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Arizona Grant Portal

The State of Arizona grant portal allows organizations searching for Arizona state grant opportunities to access standardized, highly relevant grant information that is easy to search, find, understand, and save. There are no sign up costs for this service. Just click the "Sign Up" button below to begin your free registration. Your account will be immediately activated after you submit your registration form. No credit card or or payment information is needed.


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How does Arizona manage $14.5 billion in federal grants across more than 55 state agencies, departments, boards and commissions to enrich the lives of the citizens of Arizona? Watch the video.

What type of grant information will you have access to?

A full-time, professional research staff analyzes and distills grants information into easy-to-understand sections so you can easily find and process grant information. Here is the standard level of service you can expect:

  • Professional grant analysis - Access grant summaries, financial information, eligibility data, contact information, and associated files all in one location.
  • Hover-over grant summary - Immediately see what a program's about when you place your cursor over a grant in the search results.
  • Ability to save grants and/or search criteria - Save grants you are considering, or save the search criteria and have the application email you results automatically.
  • Cutting-edge search engine with suggested keywords - Find relevant funding opportunities through a high-speed search engine, accurate search results, and automated keyword assistance.
  • Advanced search filters - Filter your search by due date, funder type, grant type, and more.
  • Previously viewed grants - Easily identify grants you have and have not previously viewed.

Go to for more information about paid subscription options that provide access to federal and private foundation grants, or contact eCivis directly.

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