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Grants Management Software

eCivis is the nation's leading grants management software for accurate grants information, reporting, management, and grant writing. There is simply no other product that comes close to matching our quality, design, capability, and expertise. From Los Angeles to Orlando to Washington DC, thousands of government offices and community organizations of every size rely on eCivis' grants management software to drive their own grants success. Below are the top reasons why your organization needs eCivis' grants management software:

  • We Are the Proven Leader: Our grants research and grants management software was built by grants experts specifically for local governments and community-based organizations. We've incorporated a decade of best practices into a single, seamless grants management system.
  • Flexible Pricing: Our pricing is flexible and scalable to fit any size organization. No matter what your budget is, we will work with you to provide a grants research and grants management software solution that fits your organization's needs. From a single user to an enterprise, we can package the right products and the right price
  • Comprehensive Grants Research: Our products provide more than just federal grants information. We provide state, foundation, and community development grants as well. We are the single most comprehensive source of grants information on the market. Coupled with our grants management software, our customers have the most comprehensive grants research and grants management solution found anywhere.
  • Accurate Grants Information: Our grants experts invest over 40,000 hours of research each year to develop a comprehensive grants research software to save you time and resources. Our technology and process, which includes working with program officers and agencies, ensures you have the most relevant, up to date information possible. Our grants research is NOT built on low cost technologies such as screen scraping and hyperlink aggregation. We invest in professional research to provide a world class grants management software solution.
  • Quality Grants Information: Our grants management software tools incorporate a proprietary quality check to ensure that all grants information is timely, accurate, and comprehensive. Our Product and Research team spends tens of thousands of hours each year making certain our customers find funding efficiently and effectively.
  • Low Cost: Our grants research and grants management software is provided as a service over the internet (SaaS). eCivis' infrastructure and support requirements are handled internally by us, saving time and resources for our users and their IT departments. When new features or updates are added to our products, there is no additional cost or work required from our customers.
  • Fully Integrated: Our grants management software provides extensive industry-leading research with world-class tools. From finding and managing grants to ARRA compliance, we are the single best solution for any government or community organization.
  • History of Success: Our history of success has allowed us to continue to improve our products year after year, and our customers continue to reap the benefits. We are committed to providing a long-term, innovative grants management software solution that successfully help our customers and their communities.

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Your Tools for Grants Success

For businesses and organizations that rely on grant funding for sustainability, our products and services at eCivis provide you with the valuable tools you need for effective grants management. Our company is lead by a diverse group of grant professionals who have the experience to understand the needs of a grants active organization. We offer a comprehensive grants management system that assists in every aspect of the grants process. Our grants management software can increase grant wins by 2-3 times and save 80% of your time researching grants.

Researching grants is time consuming and it can cost your business a great deal of money. Anyone who has worked as a grant coordinator understands the investment of time that is required and that time spent also means money spent. Our grants management software will help your organization increase productivity, time efficiency, and overall grant applications.

When you use our grants management system, you will save 80% of your grant research time, and increase your grant funding by 2-3 times within 18 months to support your vital projects. No matter which area of the industry you are operating in, at eCivis, we have the grants management software to fit your specific needs. Our products and services extend to local government, health care, and nonprofit organizations that rely on different types of grants for funding various projects. Our system is already used and trusted by more than 30,000 clients who have learned the difference in getting the results they need without the investment in time and money.

You can locate grants quickly and efficiently with our grants management system. Refine your search results with intuitive filters that allow you to search by keyword, eligibility, due date, and/or matching criteria. The custom search tools are designed to help you quickly identify the opportunities you need to fund your projects. You will also save time from sifting through long-winded grant documents by reading our expert grant summaries. Our dedicated analysts work to extract the key elements of grant opportunities, including the supported project types, eligibility criteria, application requirements, financial stipulations, and contact information so that you invest your time in writing winning grant applications.


Who Should Use eCivis Grants Management Software?

eCivis' grants management software improves grants performance for organizations nationwide. eCivis is used by elected officials, managers, administrators, and grants professionals for a wide range of grants needs:

Law Enforcement Grants

Many law enforcement agencies are unable to secure needed equipment or hire additional staff due to budget shortfalls and the lack of law enforcement grants funding. eCivis' grants management software provides law enforcement agencies with the needed tools and resources to help locate grants for public-safety programs.

Community Development Grants

Countless Community Based Organizations face community development grants challenges, which limit these organizations from providing special economic development and service programs, such as business and job development, job training, housing for the homeless, crime prevention, youth recreation, and more. eCivis helps Community Based Organizations improve their grants efficiency and secure more funding with our instrumental grants management software tools.

EMS Grants

Numerous EMS agencies do not pursue EMS grants funding for department projects, which limits departments from being able to acquire advanced life support equipment or hire additional staff. eCivis can provide your agency with the necessary tools to help bridge the gap between a budget shortfall and the successful funding of your department's project.

Transportation Grants

Many public agencies are unable to create or improve needed transit systems due to the challenges of acquiring transportation grants. eCivis helps agencies properly research and manage these grants, saving valuable time and resources while obtaining funding for needed projects.

Fire Department Grants

Countless Fire Departments do not purse fire department grants funding for department projects, which limits departments from being able to acquire new fire apparatus or hire additional staff. eCivis can significantly reduce the time-consuming and labor-intensive grants process by providing you with the necessary tools to find and apply for the right grants to fit your funding needs.

Parks and Recreation Grants

Numerous organizations face parks and recreation grants challenges, which limits these organizations from being able to implement projects that serve the public. eCivis can improve your organization's approach to grants with our grants management software solution.

Education Grants

Numerous educational institutions face project challenges, which limit these institutions from being able to implement programs that enhance educational learning. eCivis can improve your institution's grants efficiency and secure more funding with our instrumental resources and tools.